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EagleGet Software is a freeware that possesses very useful features. It makes the downloading of files easier and faster. The downloads can later be managed in a proper manner. It is very easy to use and its interface is very attractive too.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

EagleGet is a free of cost software. Basically it was developed to manage and accelerate downloading. Downloading of different files from internet can be done in an efficient way. If the videos are not in your required format then it is possible to convert them into downloadable video formats and then download at a very fast pace. It is very user friendly software that lets you customize its theme in the way that you prefer the most. Its latest version was updated recently on 2019. According to the official website its size is almost 5.8 MB that is not too large for PCs.

Installing EagleGet:

With the introduction of wizard its installation process now takes very short time to be completed. Its simple steps can be followed by anyone. Although using this software is too simple, yet if anyone faces any difficulties then they may refer to their website or can check out the Help page link through the menu.

Download Manager:

EagleGet grabs the URLs of videos and then shows the various resolutions available for better quality of videos or other files. You can select the resolution that is suitable for you and download it at a good speed. There is no need to get worried about slow speed or the download getting interrupted. In case you want to download a lot of data then you can use Manage Queue option. This option will download all the links automatically according to your given time.

Browser Compatibility:

EagleGet provides support for a large number of web browsers. You can use it with all the versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer Internet Browsers. After installation of this software its extension will be added to your web browsers and you can easily access it from there.

Malware Protection:

When you enter a URL for downloading, it first checks whether it is taken from an authenticated source and prompts you in case of any harmful data.

Fast Download Speed:

The software downloads files from internet with great speed. For this purpose it uses the multi-thread technology. This technology breaks the file into multiple smaller parts. Since all the parts are downloaded after the previous ones, the downloading speed therefore gets increased considerably.

Other Features:

The software can be translated and used in many languages. Its language can be selected through the options list. Moreover you can export/import the files to/from the databases respectively. Its settings can be customized by visiting the Configuration option.