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EASEUS Partition Master is comprehensive hard disk partition tool and system optimization software for Windows-based administration without data loss. Both basic and advanced partition operations can be done by this partition software.

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EaseUS Partition Master
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Software description

The EaseUS Partition Master program is a powerful disk management software for devices with The Windows system installed. Its function is basic to create, cut, copy or duplicate disk partitions within the same computer.

It is one of the most popular programs in the sector, having more than 60,000,000 satisfied active users who recommend their tools as a foolproof weapon for anyone dedicated to the manufacture of experienced equipment and computer technicians. Its distribution is aimed both at private users who want to try it in their homes, as well as companies and large providers of third-party services.

It is a respected and consolidated brand in the market, since it has been active since 2004, and its popularity has continued to grow since then. Of course, it has a free trial version in which you can check its advantages first hand. However, that version is very limited and expires soon, it is essential to have to obtain its paid version completely complete and without limits of use.

EaseUS Partition Master download and Install

In order to acquire the program we will have to enter in our usual browser the name of the software, although we could also find it through the name of the company that distributes this program and much more: EaseUs. Once you go to the main page you can find the program in your trial or paid version through the “store” tab. After deciding how we want to test the software, we will proceed to download it to our computer.

For this step before we will have to check the version that we select and for the type of operating system that is directed, because if our computer has a version incompatible with the downloaded one it will not work properly.

It is important to remember that it is a program exclusively for Windows users, if you own a Mac computer you won’t be able to use it.After downloading it you have to install it, and to do so you will have to search for the “Setup” folder in your usual “Downloads” directory. Afterwards, we will “double click” on the installation icon and wait for the program installer to proceed with completing the process.


Disk distributions

You can split a disc into several parts, and thus keep the data organized and that its growth does not saturate any of the parties. You can also merge parts, create new ones, convert them into different formats, delete them, format them and even modify their size.

Migration from OS to HDD/SSD

With this feature we will be able to extend a drive from our system to another new support, so that we avoid disk space problem or that a new update cannot be carried out because of that storage problem. It is a good way to avoid erasing all current data from our computers and reinstalling an operating system from scratch.

Clone hard drives

You can clone an entire hard drive or select different partitions to be able to update or replace the existing disk and not delete all your personal documents.

Recover partitions

This option is very important and very useful in the face of possible installation errors, as it allows us to recover deleted or lost partitions and their respective private files.