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Emsisoft Internet Security allows the user to test the product for 30 days with a 100% money back promise. This makes the program well worth a try. Providing ultimate virus protection and a user-friendly interface make Emsisoft Internet Security a good choice in malware protection.

Software details

2021 8.0.7904
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Emsisoft Internet Security
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Software description

Emsisoft Internet Security is the ultimate tool offering a complete security solution against all types of malicious threats. Combining multiple modules and an advanced scan engine, Internet Security has the capability of detecting and blocking adware, malware, ransomware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, phishing attempts, web attacks, and other types of threats.

Designed for commercial and home use, Emisoft Internet Security was optimized to preserve system resources. The optimized system scanner was improved to reduce scan times while the proactive threat protection offers unparalleled levels of detection.


– Anti-ransomware. Emsisoft Internet Security receives regular 0day updates that allow it to detect and block the latest ransomware threats, protecting your data from being compromised.

– Real-time protection. Internet Security always runs in the background, monitoring internet and application activity keeping you protected against all threats. The real-time protection will block threats, preventing them from infecting your system.

– Anti-phishing. The anti-phishing module acts as a second line of defense along with your regular spam and phishing protection offered by your email provider. Emsisoft Internet Security can recognize and block phishing attempts, letting you know when you are opening dangerous links.

– Anti-virus. Emsisoft Internet Security has a high rate of detection and with constant definition updates, it can detect the newest viruses and block them from infecting your system.

– Behavior scanning. Emsisoft Internet Security uses an advanced engine that checks application activity and behavior. It can recognize malicious applications without the need for a virus signature. The detection method allows Internet Security to block the newest threats or applications that may be missed by some antiviruses.

– Web protection. Emsisoft Internet Security can safeguard your online activity. It scans websites in real-time, detecting hidden threats, malicious pages, and phishing websites. It uses an advanced database of harmful websites and can be set to block access to harmful web pages.

– Automatic updates. Once set, Internet Security will update its definitions and scan engines completely unattended. It can scan for updates at a given interval and either install them automatically or prompt you each time an update is found.

– Email notifications. Emsisoft Internet Security can send email notifications in real-time. You can receive emails each time one of your devices is subject to a malicious attack or when it may have been compromised by any type of online threat.

– Desktop and server support. Emsisoft Internet Security is available in multiple versions and can be used on regular home computers as well as servers.

– File Guard. Emsisoft Internet Security offers an additional layer of protection by allowing you to encrypt your files or folders. Encrypted files will be protected from unauthorized access, ensuring that your data and files will never be compromised.

– Remote management. As part of the management features, Emisoft introduced the Cloud Console which allows you to control and manage all your devices that have Internet Security installed. You can manage permissions, check security logs, update status, and schedule system scans.

– User permission management. To increase your levels of protection, Emisoft Internet Security allows you to set user permissions. Without the admin password, device users will not be able to disable or change the settings within Internet Security.