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EZ CD Audio Converter is one of the fastest software in the field of file format conversion and disk burning. It is paid software for which you get free updates forever. Its most significant feature is that the validity of a single license never expires. Moreover you can use it on all the systems of your home. It is a complete package of very helpful tools for the users.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
EZ CD Audio Converter
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Software description

EZ CD is an Audio Converter that you can use to burn, edit or rip audio CDs. The converter can also be used to convert as well as encode digital files into various formats e.g. MP3, MP4, MOV, AAC etc. and editing meta-data of different audio files. The main features of EZ CD Audio Converter include : burning of custom –audio CDs, compressing of audio files in order to save your hard- drive’s space, converting audio- files into formats that are compatible with your mobile phone and other portable devices, it burns different audio files into audio- CDs and it also manages the meta-data of your audio –files. Furthermore, EZ CD has a feature that allows you to convert audio- files that you can use as your phone’s ringtone. EZ CD is a speedy audio converter that works very fast to produce high-quality audio-files. It has a streamlined user interface which allows you to search and edit your existing audio- files.

Computer and internet users often find themselves in the circumstances where they need to convert files in particular formats or want to burn them to CDs. For this purpose EZ CD Audio Converter can be proved a very professional tool. It efficiently converts the files to MP3, opus, ogg, wav or other formats and burns them to disks within a very short amount of time. Either you can purchase this software at $39.95 USD via PayPal or Credit Card, or download its free trial for the duration of maximum 30days.

Download the setup file in 32 or 64 bit according to your system specifications. After the setup file is downloaded, the next step is to execute the setup. The setup wizard will open up where you need to choose the language from drop down menu. After that, agree to the License Agreement terms and conditions. Choose the Destination folder for software installation and then click Install button. The required files will be extracted and the tool will be installed. Click Finish button to exit the setup wizard.

EZ CD Audio Converter is a very reliable tool that provides efficient and error free results. It ensures that the high quality of file is retained after conversion. The metadata of files is saved during format conversion. The audio CD ripper also provides best results with proper error detection. It can extract only the audio from video files and can save it as separate file. It also provides the features of ReplayGain, normalization and silence removal from the files.

• Audio CD Ripper: Copies audio CDs to selected audio format.
• Audio File Format Converter: Converts audio files from one format to another.
• CD/DVD Creator: MP3 CD/DVD, Burns Audio CD, Data CD/DVD, and DVD Video.
• Insert the disk into the drive of your computer.
• Run the software and select the ‘Extract CD tracks’.
• Wait to see the track list of songs appear in the middle of the screen.
• Press the ‘copy’ button and wait for the end of the operation.
• Select or deselect the tracks to be extracted, putting or removing the check mark next to each track.
• Set at the bottom of the UI, the output format, the desired bit rate, the destination folder and the rules in the name to generated files.

Audio Converter:
Through this option you can change the format of any of the supported files. It can convert the files into 3gp, avi, flv, mp4, omg, ram, webm, wma and many others. You can browse your PC for selecting the file and then choose the format in which you want it after conversion. You can also choose the quality level for the files, select output folder and can adjust advanced settings about channels and sample rate. The whole process will be finished shortly and the file will be saved automatically after conversion.

Disc Burner:
EZ CD Audio Converter has made the burning of files to CDs a very simple task. All you need to do is to select the disc image files from drives by drag and drop option. After that select the CD drive for burning and click Burn disc image option at the top of the screen. The CD burn process will not take too much time and if the files or CD are not corrupt then it will do its work without errors. It shows three options named Audio CD, MP3 disc and Data disc for selecting the disk type.