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FL Studio is the one-stop solution for music producers. Its comprehensive range of options and tools make it the right choice for users. Since it comes with a well-maintained help section, you won’t find it a challenge to learn about its functionalities.

Software details

20.6.2 Build 1549
mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
FL Studio
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Software description

FL Studio is a DAW (short for Digital Audio Workstation) that enables creatives to produce music and video content through variations in loop sequences, recorded media from live shows and other sources, and lastly, virtual instruments. Since its inception in 1997, this software has been used by famous music producers and DJs in the industry, including Martin Garrixx and the Late Avicii. FL studio has proved itself as one of the best music and video editors because of its recording, editing, mixing, arranging, and mastering capabilities for professionals in the entertainment industry.

Features of FL Studio

Instruments and FX

This software has been designed to accommodate all 3rd party plug ins including VST standards for those looking to produce quality beats. Also, FL studios feature a broad spectrum of instruments and effects for you to choose from.

Browser and Playlists

The browser feature enables creatives to arrange their work before completing the final project meticulously. Furthermore, it is hard to find any DAW that rivals FL’s playlist sequence

The Mixer

FL’s mixer enables you to produce and master the best mixes of music by professional standards. They compiled all the necessary tools, including audio sends, plugins, and effect chains for you to produce the best content out there.

Plugin Support

Creatives often need to import some tools to match their production style. Fortunately, this software features over 80 plugins and instruments to complement your style.

Piano Keys

It wouldn’t be a studio without a piano roll. FL studio has one of the best tools for piano inclusion and editing.

Features of FL studio


This is put in place for touch control. It is sensitive and quite responsive.

Vectorial Interface

This feature helps with changing the user interface. One can either resize it to one’s pleasure or even rearrange the display.

Automation Recording and editing

This feature makes the software quite accessible. It enables one to record live control motions and also edit them.

Lifetime Free Updates

Once the user has downloaded FL Studio, It automatically updates itself without any charges.

Advanced Help System

To access the advanced help system, all the user has to do is press F1. The feature will guide you in solving significant problems.

Visualizer effects Plugin

This feature enables the user to obtain 4k videos right from the studios.

Different Versions of the FL Studio

The FL studio has an array of options for users. Users can filter the products they offer, depending on the needs they have. For example

Fruity edition

This version goes for about 100 dollars. It is mainly for beats and loops creation.

Producer Edition

Users who want to create full songs and audio recordings. This goes for about 200 dollars.

Signature Bundle

This is the version that will not only create a song but also comes with additional plugins, which costs only 300 dollars.

All Plugins Bundle

The users who want the full experience of the FL studio choose this version. To get unlimited access to all those as mentioned above, this is the best buy. It will give the user an all-rounded feel and is quite sophisticated. This goes for only 900 dollars.