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Folder Lock is an advanced computer application with useful features that ensure the security of files, folders, memory drives and storage devices. Its attractive yet easy to use interface is its exceptional feature that has helped to make it user friendly. Not only you can encrypt your files and passwords, but can also make their backup on secure cloud.

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Software description

Folder Lock is an easy to use software that is designed to keep files encrypted and secured from prying eyes. Folder Lock comes in a variety of different formats and is bundled with many additional features. You will see that no matter what scenario you are facing, if it involves keeping data secure, Folder Lock has you covered.

The primary version of Folder Lock will suit most people’s needs. Upon installation, you will be able to password-protect any folders and drives that you select. For added privacy, you have the option of hiding the folder from its previous location and only making it visible through the software interface. You can also use Folder Lock to secure portions of a USB drive or even the whole drive entirely. Folder Lock converts these secure areas into executable files, which means you don’t need to install Folder Lock every time you want to access your protected files. All password-protected areas are secured using 256-bit AES encryption, keeping you safe from even the most determined hackers. Folder Lock is available for all versions of Windows.

Some additional features of Folder Lock that will prove useful are its password wallets and the ability to shred files permanently. You can create these digital wallets in any location you desire to act as a password manager or for storing information such as credit cards, banking details, and ATM pins. The file shredding feature makes sure that files you delete can’t be recovered. Deleting files using the usual method without this feature is actually very risky, as the data can actually be recovered using data recovery tools. Folder Lock’s file shredding feature removes files from your hard drive in such a way that this is not possible, ensuring that the files you want to be deleted are actually gone.

Folder Lock is also available for mobile devices, supporting Android and iOS. These versions support all of the features included in the desktop version, but also include some mobile-specific abilities. One of these is the ability to lock certain apps. If you have apps that contain confidential data such as WhatsApp, Messages, Facebook, or your photo gallery, you can choose to makes these apps only accessible by inputting a password.

There are also many other interesting Folder Lock subset apps available such as NS Vault. This app looks like a calculator icon but is actually a custom version of Folder Lock designed to store all of your private data. This adds an extra layer of defense by not indicating that you have some method of file security installed on your phone in the first place. App lock, Photo Locker and Social Media Vault are also available as stand-alone apps if you only require some of the features offered by Folder Lock.

Keep in mind that all Folder Lock full versions include a dedicated secure cloud backup, letting you backup your encrypted lockers to online storage.

This ensures that your data is not only safe from potential intruders, but also damage or loss. If your device gets stolen, simply recover your data by downloading it from your online account.