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FormatFactory is an efficient multimedia conversion tool. It helps you convert media files into any format of your choice. You can also rip DVDs and CDs or create disc images with audio or video files.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Format Factory
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Software description

Format Factory is a universal, powerful media converter that supports a broad variety of video and audio files. With the help of Format Factory you can easily convert any video file from one format to another. There are a bunch of additional capabilities as well. The software works on Microsoft Windows.

Format Factory has a simple user interface with a list of available file formats displayed on the left, and is pretty easy to use. In order to perform a conversion, you simply open a file and specify the output folder.

What is Format Factory capable of? The following are the main features of the app.

  • convert multiple video formats
  • convert multiple audio formats
  • convert most popular image formats
  • merge several video files into one (even if they’re of different formats): the files will simply play as one
  • extract the audio track from a video file: the video will be just the same as a regular audio file
  • rip DVDs and CDs: the disc’s contents will be converted to a regular media format

Here are some of the video formats supported by Format Factory that you can use to convert your videos.


AVI is the most commonly used video format originally developed by Microsoft. Generally, AVI files have a worse level of compression than many other formats, which means you can easily reduce the file size using Format Factory.


FLV is a proprietary file format by Adobe, also known as Flash Video. It is designed especially for online streaming and is primarily used by Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air.


MKV is a so called Matroska file format, an open-source container standard. Basically, it’s a media container designed to combine several different media formats in one single file. It can contain video data, audio data, as well as additional information like subtitles. It’s a modern, extensible, cross-platform file format with streaming support and has been supported by Microsoft since 2014.


RMVB, abbreviated as RealMedia Variable Bitrate, is a compressed video format used in RealMedia software. As seen by its name, its main feature is a variable bit rate which is dynamically optimized for each video. The format is essentially a variation of an older video format used by Real Media (.RM), but with better compression. Interestingly enough, the RMVB format is growing in popularity especially for streaming movies, but very few players currently support it. So Format Factory is an easy way to convert from this format.


3GP is a popular mobile video format designed to be very compact and save disk space, so that it can be easily sent via MMS and received by other mobile devices. 3GP is a container format, meaning that it can contain several different sets of data.


VOB is a file format used in DVD production. It is contained on any DVD, and apart from the video, it usually contains additional data such as navigation menus. Generally, VOB files rely on the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards for streaming, but may employ additional standards. VOB files and DVDs are all supported by Format Factory.