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Foxit Reader is an all-in-one solution for viewing, creating, editing, and sharing PDF files. You can process documents stored in system memory as well as import them from Foxit cloud storage. Its intuitive user interface makes it easier to use its functionalities

Software details

9.7.1 Build 29511
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Foxit Reader
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Software description

Foxit Reader is an easy to use PDF viewer and editor, boasting some powerful features. It has a simple toolbar, that is easy to navigate, due to it’s similarity to toolbars included in Microsoft Office products, with the advantage of being fully customizeable. Users can create new tabs, as well as move features between them, enabling the user to truly build the program around themselves, improving work flow and efficiency of the software. This is additionally aided by the Foxit Reader touch mode, making the reader easier to use on Windows touch screen devices.

Foxit Reader is full of other useful features, such as the ability to allow the user to set up their own portfolios and the program’s ability to Import/Export data and fill forms using both the standard PDF (Acroforms) and XFA (XML Form Architecture) form filling systems. The software also possesses a capability to generate 2D bar codes from Ultraforms enabled fillable PDF forms. It is also visually impaired and blind user friendly, thanks to it’s JAWS (Job Access With Speech) compatibility, by allowing the reading of the screen either with a text-to-speech output of with the use of refreshable Braille.

Foxit Reader enables users to create their own, new PDF files from common file formats and hard-copy, due to its one step scan-and-convert feature. It enables the users to create PDF files which are compliant with other PDF products and fully support Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel add-ons.

In order to maximize work output, Foxit Reader allows users to share, annotate and collaborate on PDFs, by linking knowledge workers together. It can be integrated with major storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint and Box. Foxit also boasts a large collection of annotation tools, making it easier to review and comment on documents. It also enables the viewing of all document history and previous versions with the use of an easy to understand document tree. It also facilitates quick updating by the use of update availability notifications. All of these features make the software an ideal tool for use by companies, organisations and businesses,

Another key advantage of Foxit Reader is it’s high level of security. Foxit has an ability to encrypt and allow the signing of PDF files, protecting valuable and confidential information. The software allows users to sign PDFs using their own handwriting or with the use of the industry’s most powerful eSignature solution. Other features include the use of ASLR and DEP algorithms as well as the ability to turn off JAVA script in order to maximize data safety. Foxit allows the granting and revoking access to PDF files to specific readers, enables the tracking of document history, including history of access, editing and viewing.

Foxit also contains features, that make the software easily deployable in organisation-wide installations, It supports Group Policy as well as XML configuration and provides a Setup Customisation Tool, granting IT teams larger amounts of control during set-up operations, allowing a greater level of standardization of settings, menu and configurations, across all desktops. Foxit also provides a SCUP Catalog, enabling the importing and deploying updates through Microsoft Windows Update Services or SCCM for easier maintenance.

With all it’s powerful features and user friendly interface, Foxit Reader is a valuable tool to have.