Download FrostWire

rostWire is an effective tool for sharing multimedia content with your friends. This client uploads and downloads content at extremely fast speed without negatively affecting system performance.

Software details

6.8.4 Build 292
mac / Windows 10
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Software description

The FrostWire program is a popular P2P computer system client. In simpler words, it is a software to upload and download all kinds of online content. Its main function is to make it easier for people to acquire files of all sizes to use on their devices, being able to download files in various formats: MP3, WAV, EPUB, TORRENTS, MP4 and many more options.


It is a downloadable program, that is, you can access it without the need to be connected to the internet. Well, to be able to download and install it if you will need a good internet connection and enough capacity on your computer. It will be as simple as entering the official

FrostWire website and clicking on the option to download, taking special care in choosing the most optimal version for our computer and operating system. Afterwards, we will have to wait for the download to finish and proceed to its installation.

The software itself already has a very simple and intuitive installation guide, suitable for all types of users. Once the installer tells us that it has finished successfully we will be able to start it and start enjoying its functions.

Remember that in order to use its file download function you will need a high quality WI-FI connection. The place where you can save the program you can choose it during the installation, being the most common thing that stays in the “Downloads” folder of your computer, and then generate a shortcut on the desktop to use whenever you want.

Playing content

Another of the functions presented by this program is the possibility to use as our usual video and music player. It has a simple interface where you can find all your downloaded files and choose which one to play.

It also gives us the option to create our own playlists and choose how to play them: loop, repeat from the beginning or let all tracks pass to the last and stop. It can become our usual player, as it has the ability to open any type of file.

Search and library

Another of its options is the possibility to perform our search for files from the same program. This is quite an advantage, as we should usually go to an online server to download content, download it and then use a different one to unzip and play it.

With FrostWire we have all those functions in one program.It has its own search engine with more advanced search options, allowing us to refine the process and choose the specific format that we want to find and eliminate the rest, reducing the search and the results to choose from.Its search function uses some of the most powerful search engines on the market: BitTorrent, Youtube or TPB, among others.

On the other hand, the program has its own library where you can sort all your files according to their format or personal tastes.


FrostWire has an innovative add-on that allows its users to interact and chat with each other, being able to share their contents through the same chat. In more technical terms it is an IRC client that allows us to connect to the FrostWire user community, we will only need Wi-Fi connection and the creation of an alias that other people will view online.