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To be precise, G-Lock EasyMail is an appreciated client for sending huge amount of Emails. When promoting your business, you can use this secure channel for sharing business details with lots of people. Its exciting user interface enables users to customize the Email structure for attracting more attention.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
G-Lock EasyMail
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Software description

G-Lock EasyMail is an efficient tool that allows you to send Emails in bulk amount. This is highly useful in marketing and advertising where you have to propagate the description and pamphlets of your business or services to various clients. The presence of a long list of customized templates makes it possible to share Emails in a suitable manner. The software comes in different versions for server and client. It is a licensed product and you need to get registered first in order to evaluate its free trial. Once the free personal key is received on entered Email address, you can use its trial.

G-Lock EasyMail helps you send personalized messages by choosing any of the available templates. Not only you can choose template for whole Email background but can also select for particular features such as buttons, dividers, blocks, footer, images, text and text photos. You can use variety of built-in templates as well as download latest designs via internet. Each design can be customized individually by visiting its settings panel and choosing its colors, font, padding and other characteristics. Moreover, required content can be easily entered into the templates with drag and drop function.

Contact Manager:
With G-Lock EasyMail, you can establish contact list and store the details of those clients with whom you need to contact often. You can store a large number of contacts in system memory. Accessing the saved contact list is user friendly as it is displayed in the form of pages. Each page can consist of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 entries, based on user preference. Furthermore, you can add any contacts to the Exclusion List in order to exclude them from recipient list when sending Email to whole Contact List.

You can now automate the process of sending Emails by scheduling each activity. This feature can be a suitable option under those circumstances where the permission for maximum number of messages sent per hour is less than your requirement. For instance, the free trial of G-Lock EasyMail permits users to send maximum of 250 Emails per hour. So instead of attempts to send Emails after each hour, you can schedule the sending of Emails for interval of an hour. Thus the mails will be sent automatically after regular intervals.

Secure Promotion:
When a user exceeds the allowed number of Emails sent, then his sent mails are considered as Spam. The recipients will have to visit Spam section for viewing these Emails. It is very harmful to business promotion as the decreased visibility leads to reduction in clients. You can now promote your business without such fears. The content sent though this application is checked with multiple filters to verify that it does not fall into the category of spamming.