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Game Extractor is an efficient tool meeting requirements of users to extract files from old gaming packages. It also acts as a learning platform where developers can create mods. It is an advanced tool appropriate for performing thorough operations. It lets you understand the structure of games and enhance their working. It is a cross platform tool capable of running smoothly on almost all operating systems.

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Game Extractor
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Software description

Game Extractor is an extraction tool through which you can access gaming files compressed in archives. Majority of gaming files are compressed in order to keep them safe from malware and to shrink their size. With the help of this tool, you can easily access such files and convert them in executable form. It can also detect different types of files and compile them accordingly. It possesses compatibility with all popular video games and lets you enable additional compatibility through plugins. It is a free project hosted on SourceForge.

User Interface:
The user interface of Game Extractor is quite simple and can be easily managed by video game fanatics. It lets you add archived files for scanning or extracting via Plugins and Script. Users can quickly add all types of compatible files by browsing through system memory. It lets you unpack packages and create archives of game mods. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners and allows them to pack or unpack files of more than two thousand games. It works with files intended for gaming machines and other portable formats.

It is compatible with a wide range of gaming file formats. You can extract content of more than 1300 games in a simple way. It is an efficient archive manager which ensures that the quality of any file is not affected. It provides access to those games whose files are archived in order to maintain security and privacy. Either you can develop your own mods or download from online sources to enjoy even better experience of your favorite games. It provides support for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, PSP and PlayStation 2.

Despite its various benefits, Game Extractor also lacks in a few departments. It is a relatively old application and not much emphasis is placed on further development during recent years. Therefore it does not offer support for latest gaming consoles. Moreover, many latest video games are not supported but individual developers often release plugins through which its functionalities are enhanced. Its effectiveness for modern day machines can be increased by necessary developments.

The software contains variety of tools. Through its options you can modify appearance, language, startup screen, text font, table columns, syntax color, icons, buttons and plugin lists display type. Its search tool helps you look for content on the basis of many search filters. Plugin List Manager assists you in looking up gaming archives for suitable operations. Information tool provides in depth data about chosen archive. Script Builder tool is for professional developers who want to create mods and increase functions of game, whereas File List Exporter allows you to select details that are to be exported.