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GeoGebra is an open source application that requires Java Runtime Environment for operations. It contains a collection of many math apps due to which variety of mathematical questions can be solved. The task automation can be enabled with the help of JavaScript and GGBScript codes.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

GeoGebra is a free application that simplifies mathematical tasks. It is a cross platform tool that can run on Windows, Mac OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Android, iOS and openSUSE operating systems. It is an interactive tool through which problems of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics can be solved. It possesses a very simple interface and all its tools and options are clearly present in toolbar. The project was initially started as master’s thesis in Austrian University of Salzburg but multiple developers have contributed after that to evolve it into its current form.

Mathematics Apps:
GeoGebra provides various math apps that can be used to solve related problems. Graphing calculator lets you draw specialized graphs on the basis of different scales. CAS is the short form of Computer Algebra System and allows you to solve questions revolving around variables. Geometry is the study of figures and this tool can be used to manipulate diagrams. Spreadsheets can be made for maintaining records in multiple columns and rows. Separate sections for Probability and Statistics are also available where you can quickly perform assigned tasks. Exam section lets you create tests and exams for specific users.

GeoGebra Tools:
Many tools can be found within the toolbar to draw figures. Move tool selects objects, Freehand shape tool drags images and draws them as it is, Pen tool writes in graphic view, Point tool selects an object in graphics view, Intersection tool selects intersecting objects, Complex number tool lets you write complex numbers and Roots tool can find required root. Different types of lines can be drawn such as Single Line, Polyline and vector, while Polygon tools allow you to draw shapes with custom sides. Other tools include Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbola, Parabola, Angle, Rotate, Reflect, Tangent, Bisector, Locus and many more.

Tool Management:
Though GeoGebra is already equipped with many mathematical tools, but you can still add new ones by specifying output objects, input objects, name, icon, command name and tool help. You can manage all custom tools to enable quick access. The toolbar can be customized as per user preferences. You can enable most used tools and can hide those which are rarely used. However, if you are not satisfied with applied settings then you can restore them to default values.

GeoGebra Features:
It is an efficient utility program suitable for advanced mathematicians. It helps you perform most of your tasks on computer and offers various tools that can be used to draw figures. It contains well-maintained tutorials and lets you access additional material to get in-depth knowledge of its tools. The synchronization feature can be enabled by logging into your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or Office 365 accounts. The data stored with reference to your account can be accessed from any other device.