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GOM Player is a completely FREE media player, with popular audio and video codecs built-in. It supports all the most popular video and Media Player formats, tons of advanced features, extreme customizability, and the Codec Finder service.

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
GOM Player
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Software description

Gretech Online Movie Player, famously known as GOM player, is a cutting edge media player developed by the GOM Company in South Korea for windows. It packs unique features, which include the ability to play broken media files, and it can find missing codecs using an online codec finder. GOM Player is an essential tool for playing your media files because it can reconstruct damaged files. The player achieves this by skipping the damaged frames and rebuilding the file index where necessary.

Features of GOM Player

  • Automatic codec finder
  • Ability to rebuild and play broken media files and formats
  • It can play a variety of file formats including 360° VR videos
  • Screen capture functionality
  • Numerous control panels to adjust video and audio quality
  • Beautifully designed and simple user interface
  • A variety of skins for personalization

Feature highlights

An amazing feature about the GOM Player is its ability to play broken files. Most media players present an error message in case they encounter broken files, but this is not the case when it comes to GOM Player. GOM Player can establish start and end points within AVI file frames, which enable it to skip bad frames and rebuild the index as it plays the file. This feature will allow you to obtain information from files that are perceived as broken.

Another essential feature of the GOM Player is its codec finder. When this software can’t play a particular file because of missing codecs, it will automatically find external codecs that can play the file. The software uses the files GUID, which enables it to find the appropriate codec to play the media file. After finding the codec, the player will direct you to a web-page where you can download it.

GOM Player has numerous customization options that will allow you to adjust its look and feel according to your preference. You can select from a variety of skins, and you will be able to access various control options that will enable you to control visual and audio settings for maximum impact. If you are not satisfied, you can obtain new skins and logos from the product website, thus improving your user experience.

GOM media player is compatible with a variety of file formats, and you can play 360° VR videos by simply using your keyboard and mouse. The player can also support 360° YouTube video, which makes it a favorite for the next-generation media enthusiasts.

GOM Player is designed beautifully, with a simple user interface that makes it easy to install and use. You can control the media player remotely using a GOM remote control, which has essential functions like forward, playback, pause, and play options plus advanced tasks like opening files or folders, power control, and search options. It also has a screen capture functionality, which will enable you to take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes.


GOM Player is a simple and basic media player, but it has all the essential features that you need for interactive viewing. GOM is now available for IOS and Android devices. You can enjoy your favorite movies and media anywhere, anytime.