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GoodSync is reliable and easy to use file synchronization and file backup software from Siber Systems, the makers of RoboForm. It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, family photos, music, contacts, financial documents, and other important files locally.

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Software description

GoodSync is a software tool developed by Siber Systems Inc. which allows its users to create digital backups and synchronize the files of two different directories in one or two separate computers or storage devices. This process is done automatically and in real time, ensuring that the data transfer is always on schedule. When synchronizing and backing up files, GoodSync maintains the latest version of the file on each of the synchronized devices, ensuring that any modification made to the data is kept in all the copies of a file. These features can be highly useful for users who want to keep their data stored in multiple devices without having to manually transfer the files with each modification.

To protect backed up and synchronized files, GoodSync utilizes AES-256 bit encryption created for blocking any attempt by hackers or third parties to access or modify transiting data in any way. In addition, users may choose to save multiple versions of their files’ data modification history, allowing them to ensure maximum protection. Through its security attribute propagation technology, GoodSync is able to effectively manage and propagate the security attributes of files over the internet, replicating the access permission levels of data across multiple devices in different locations. This means that users must not be concerned about the individual security settings of their files when they are synchronized.

One of the most important advantages of GoodSync in comparison to other cloud-based data backup services is its high upload and download speeds. Whereas other programs rely on intermediate servers with regulated transfer speed, with GoodSync the speed depends solely on the user’s own internet connection. Additionally, the program creates a private cloud for each of its users using their existing infrastructure, which allows them to access cloud backup up files from any device without the need of any third-party servers. GoodSync’s built-in block-level data transferring system makes the synchronization process faster by identifying specific blocks of a modified file in order to propagate only the changes made in those blocks, saving its users time as well as network consumption.

GoodSync is currently supported by all major software platforms, including Mac, Windows, Windows Server, Linux/Unix Server, iOS and Android. Its cross-platform feature allows for the files to be synchronized in devices with different operating systems. The GoodSync software is highly accessible, with a free version which can be downloaded directly from the GoodSync official website, as well as a full version that can be purchased for 49.95 USD. Although the free version contains the basic tools needed to create and synchronize backups, it can only create up to 3 jobs and 100 files. The full version not only offers an unlimited number of jobs and backup files, but also unique features such as mobile device support and GoodSync Connect, as well as access to a premium technical support service. Thanks to its professional level security, its wide array of functions and its low price, GoodSync remains as one of the top backup and synchronization software tools in the market.