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The design of Google Chrome makes it safe for the user when browsing since It has inbuilt phishing and malware protection, with auto updates the program is updated with the latest security updates hence keeping the user’s computer free of viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms. With sandbox capability malware, from one tab cannot be transferred to the next or any other tab.

Software details

75.0.3770.27 Beta
Android / iphone / Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Google Chrome 75
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Software description

The Google Chrome browser is the most popular open-source web browser in the world, Having easily surpassed its early competition back in 2008, leaving Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in the dust. Google Chrome, currently the leading web browser worldwide, boasts a worldwide usage of approximately thirty-three percent, especially since installing Google Chrome only takes seconds, it won’t take too much of the users’ time. Google Chrome uses a custom Blink Browser Engine that offers compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Easily being the most user-friendly browser, it has a customizable user interface that lets the user download themes from the Chrome Web Store for the browser window, leaving room for self-expression.

Within the Chrome Webstore exists browser extensions which are small software programs that help in a user’s browsing experience. This enables users to modify their web browser’s functionality and behavior, catering to every user’s individual needs or preferences. Installing browser extensions for Google Chrome is easy as all the user needs is a pre-existing Gmail account. With the same Gmail account, the user can synchronize all their devices that have Google Chrome, never needing to save bookmarks, history, and other data separately per device ever again.

Doing research or simply searching for multiple articles has never been easier with Google Chrome being a speedy web browser, it can load multiple tabs and web pages faster than any of its other competitors. If a site crashes on one of the open tabs, the remaining tabs don’t get affected. Doing work with multiple screens is no problem for the Google Chrome web browser as it lets its user drag tabs out of separate windows without difficulty, then back again using only a mouse.

Users can also drag and drop hyperlinks unto the search bar of the Google Chrome web browser, eliminating the need for copying and pasting URLs into the search bar. Google Chrome features a whopping forty-three shortcut keys which users can use to navigate a webpage with speedy efficiency.

Whenever Google Chrome is booted up, the home page lists websites that the user frequently visits, which they can choose to click and access with ease. The user can also enable a “Safe Browsing” option within the browser settings which helps against malware and phishing content. Google Chrome will also show a lock pad icon in the address bar to signify how secure is the connection of a website and determines if it doesn’t use HTTPS encryption.

Google Chrome also has auto-update technology, guaranteeing efficiency provided the device is connected to the internet. Google Chrome also offers its users a built-in online PDF viewer. If the user were to visit websites that don’t use their preferred language settings, Google Chrome automatically translates these websites for you which makes surfing the web a breeze. Google Chrome also features a private browsing window called Incognito Mode, In Incognito mode the browser creates a temporary session that is separated from the browser’s main session and does not track the user’s data.