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Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services out there. Its desktop version, Backup and Sync, helps you synchronize folders with online storage account and save them for later use.

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Google Drive
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Nowadays, it seems that there are an endless amount of platforms that allow us to create, store, and share data. Google Drive is one of these spaces; housed out of the Google interface, it is connected to a Gmail-email account, but also allows the user access to the Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Photos, and more. Here is a detailed list of all the manners in which a user can utilize their Google Drive to keep track of multiple projects, save them to the Cloud from wherever they are, and easily share them with other participants.

From the user’s Google account, accessing Drive is straightforward- simply press the username in the top right corner of the screen. From there, a user can choose to access the following that is saved in their Google Drive:

Storage folders. These are the spaces in which a user can write a document, create a spreadsheet, or even build a presentation deck. All of these can be accessed through other Google products (docs, sheets, and slides). If a user already has completed a project and simply is looking for a space to save it, Google Drive also provides storage space in its folders for a user to upload a Microsoft Word document or and Excel Spreadsheet.

These storage folders can be organized however the user finds helpful. Furthermore, the user is unlikely to ever run out of storage space, as Google Drive is extremely generous in the room that it offers, completely free of charge. The search functions are excellent and can allow the user to access their files even without a folder-organization method.

Other Google products. From the Drive, there are easy-access buttons to dozens of other Google products that don’t necessarily require a user to create and save content. For example, the user can easily make their way to Google Earth, Google Photos, Google Play, and Google Calendar. The interface is very friendly, and a user should have no trouble accessing any files, regardless of where they are. When a user is signed in to their Google Drive, all of these products and all of their saved files are available, even if the user is in a new place or using a new piece of hardware.

Sharing capabilities. Google Drive allows a user to share content and products with other Google Drive users in a way that is straightforward and helpful. One can choose to send a copy of their content to another participant so as to ensure that the content does not get edited. Additionally, one could choose to give another participant editing access to the spreadsheet, doc, or presentation that is being built. This allows multiple users to edit the same piece of content, from wherever they are. There is no limit to how many users can edit a piece at a time, and the edits are automatically saved in the Cloud so all users can access them.

For your content creation, storage, and sharing needs, Google Drive is an easy and excellent space.