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Google Duo is a no-frills video calling app for Android and Apple devices. It is an alternative to Apple’s Facetime and makes video calling easier between Android and iOS ecosystems. Google launched Duo just for Smartphones and tablets initially but it now works on computers as well.

Software details

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Google Duo App
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Software description

Google Duo, is a mobile video chat application developed by Google, it was launched on August 15, 2016. It is available on both Android and IOS. It is the best video call app since it is simple and reliable, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, Google Nest and on the Web.

Google Duo can be used to make calls between iPhone and Android users, either between 2 people or you can make calls with up to 8 participants, which greatly increases the number of possible users. Calls are end-to-end encrypted ensuring privacy and security.

How to use Google Duo

Google Duo is a free app, you can find it on the App Store and Google Play, just download it to your device.

How to set up Google Duo

Google Duo is a free service. To configure and use it correctly you need the following:

• A phone number
• Access to a phone that can receive SMS messages

To use Duo on various devices and platforms, you need a Google Account.

Video preview with Toc toc

Due introduces us the amazing Toc Toc function. When making a Duo call, if the other person has you in their contacts, they can watch a live video feed of you while the device is ringing, before answering. On the other hand, you will not be able to see the person you are calling until they answer.

How to move your image during a video call

When making a call through Duo, your face will appear in a small rectangle on the screen. To move it, touch and hold it, and then slide your finger across the screen to where you want to move it. You can also see yourself in full screen, to do so just touch and press your image.

How to get the highest video and audio quality

To make sure that video and audio are best suited for a video call, do the following:

• Check the lighting. If it is not the most convenient, Duo will adjust the brightness of the video. If you prefer to disable this feature, touch and hold the screen and select “disable night mode”. You can also disable this function directly from Settings.

Note: This function is not compatible with all Android models, please check your compatibility beforehand.

Additional Information

• You can decide if you appear in the video or show what is in front of you, changing the orientation of the camera.

• Make sure that nothing obstructs the camera or microphone of your device.

• It can be used connected to Wifi as well as with your data plan.

• Use auto framing to stay in the center during Duo video calls. To activate this setting parameter in a call, tap the screen and activate auto framing mode. You can also enable or disable it in Settings.

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