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Hippani Animator is a vector graphics tool capable of creating high quality videos, apps and animations mostly for websites and mobile phones. It is rich in terms of functions and provides advanced options for web designers, web developers and mobile app developers. It is a great tool for creating user friendly content that can run even on older browsers.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Hippani Animator
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Software description

Hippani Animator is a suitable tool for creating top quality animations, webpages, videos, games, audio, apps and motion graphics. It is a Windows based application compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 editions. Its two distinguished versions are available in digital market; Starter edition is free while Professional edition is paid. It possesses a friendly user interface and is easy to learn. It is a comprehensive tool through which you can develop cross-browser content.

Creating Video:
Creating a video with Hippani Animator is not much difficult. You can create one by adding different components like lines, shapes, drawing, images, text, text boxes, buttons, links, GIFs and background sounds. A full movie can include various scenes with different settings. It also lets you import videos directly from many video sharing websites including YouTube and Vimeo. The final videos can be exported to the formats of MP4, Ogg, WebM, RAW, F4V, QuickTime, MOV, FLAC and LOAS/LATM.

You can create new images in Hippani Animator by importing them from external sources or specifying their width, height and background color. Image grid can hold multiple pictures and loads new images when user clicks the frame. You can make slideshows and add animations on change of each image. Image Viewer enables users to view images, Image Sequence is for generating a loop of pictures and Image Editor can crop, resize, flip, rotate and apply other functions on selected images.

All your settings and imported content is added to a library. This library is stored in system memory and helps in creating final product. Multiple folders can be created for easy classification of stored content. Apart from simple video objects, you can also add scripts, CSS file and XML file for advanced automated tasks. If you cannot understand any of its operations, then Help section can guide you in detail. You can also visit their official social media accounts to get to know about the latest announcements.

The software enables you to modify different characteristics of movies. You can choose movie type, width, height, scale, back color, transparency, touch gestures, looping, speed, events, icon, cursor, Google Analytics account and contact information. Moreover, you can play videos in its built-in player to finalize the movie. You can also choose specific scenes and frames from where you want to run it. The audio or video can be exported to required format for uploading purpose.

User Interface:
The application uses a detailed interface to provide variety of options. Its options can be accessed through menu bar. You can optimize its interface by enabling grid, guides or rulers. Zoom in and zoom out functions make it easy to view content. You can work on multiple projects by opening them in new tabs.