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Imo is a free video and chat application that provides free video call and texting services to its wide variety of users.

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Android / iphone
imo messenger
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Software description

Imo has a wide variety of features that make the app exceptionally useful for worldwide communication with people around the globe. Some of the features that Imo provides are:

1. Video and audio calls.

Imo provides a stable connection that enables you to chat with your friends and family all around the world. No matter the distance, Imo allows good reliable chatting with anyone you want, everywhere and at any given time.

This is of the many reasons why you should choose to use Imo.

2. IM (Messages, texts, expressions)

With Imo, you are able to message and chat with anyone you want. Imo allows a stable and fast messaging service to its users, which makes it an amazing application to have if you want to text and chat with friends and family, or if you just want to meet new people and socialize. Texting has never been easier!


Stories allow the user to share their experiences with friends all around the world. The user is allowed to post their content such as videos, status and images to their companions, as well as allow viewing others stories. This feature enables posting time limited viewable content which enables a great experience for sharing interesting events that happen.

4.File sending through Imo

Imo is a great application for sharing files and other type of contents. From sharing music, sending images, to delivering .pdf files, Imo has got it all. However, Imo has a limitation, you are allowed to send files that are no more than 10GB. Great size for sharing any type of documents with the people you choose to share. Imo also allows fast and secure delivery to your files.

5. Creating and joining groups

Connecting with more than one user in Imo is easy. Joining and creating groups using Imo allows users to communicate with another. Easily chat, share and hangout with more than one people at the same time, allowing people with similar or same interests to easily communicate.


The ImoZone is a place where individuals may discuss and join interesting topics depending on their interests. Allowing high quality content and interactions with people who share like-minded thoughts and expression. Imo provides a friendly community that is open to many discussions for everyone, everywhere.

7.Creating and customizing your profile

Customizable profiles where you can add backgrounds, pictures, set and write an interesting bio for people to look at, add your own motto and provide music widgets that make your profile colourful and approachable by decorating it and expressing yourself.

8. Online Status

Want to check who’s currently online? Don’t worry, Imo provides easily viewable widget that informs whenever a user is online, you can wave to anyone who is online, people may respond to your waves with messages and with that, starting a conversation and chatting to another with ease.

7. Friends world

Sharing with your friends using friend world, allows you to share your photos and statuses only to your friends. This allows you to only share certain content with people who you are familiar with and want them to view the interesting things you post on. To share them publicly, select the option that provides public sharing.

8. Chatrooms

Connecting people from the same country is enabled with creating and organising chatrooms. Individuals can connect from the same regions and easily communicate and make friends, being sociable and having a great time.

9.Imo levels

By logging in to your Imo account and being active, you gain Imo experience which allow you to level up! With levels, you are granted a better and more fun experience for yourself and others.

Join Imo today, and experience the many features that it has to offer.