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A very common problem faced by Windows users in time is to rename or delete a file from the computer. The Windows locks the document and makes it impossible to execute such operations.

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IObit Unlocker
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Software description

The problem begins when the user cannot identify the application that is using the document. IObit Unlocker comes up with a technical solution to fix this issue.

Know the software

This is a practical application that unlocks the files that are being processed, regardless of the software you’re using. With this software, it becomes much easier to rename and delete any documents present on the hard disk. Simplicity is the face-mark of IObit Unlocker software. Since the program brings all options and settings in a single virtual interface, makes it easy for users to access all these features.

The product installation is also very comfortable. There are basically two ways to unlock a file using this software. The first way is through the interface of the program. On the main screen, click the “Add” option and select the document you want to unlock. Then press the “Unlock” button and wait until the process shuts down. The second method is by right-clicking on the desired file and choosing the option “IObit Unlocker”. This will open the software and then just click on “Unlock” button to unlock the document.

Using the context menu

One of the unique feature of this program is that the user can add multiple files at the same time. Thus, it is possible to unlock dozens of documents with just a few clicks.