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IrfanView is a dynamic Windows graphic viewer with all the facilities that a user need in such a software. The software is capable to manage over 70 different types of graphic formats such as animated cursor, art weaver format, body paint 3d format, Windows bitmap, Canon RAW format, CAD formats, PostScript formats, JPG, TIFF and many more. The utility also helps to play several audio and video formats like AIF, WAV, MP4 and MP3.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

Features and facilities

In order to use some of the facilities of IrfanView, the user may need to download additional plug-ins that has been designed by the user community. All of these plug-ins are neat, clean, easy to download and install directly from the official website. IrfanView is the first Windows graphic player that is also known for its ability to manage animated formats such as TIFF, multi-page, GIF and many other ICO formats.

One of the notable features of this software is its long View Menu. This Menu provides various flexible options for changing the image view style. It is also possible to view images full screen, without the interruption of task bar. Some additional highlights are given below:

• Options to edit IPTC
• JPG rotation without pixel loss
• Support available in Unicode format
• Additional plugins
• Thumbnail option is available
• Availability in multiple languages
• Edit images by adding arrows, circles, lines and even straighten image
• Supports all types of Adobe Photoshop filters

Online advice

IrfanView offers support in three different ways: FAQs, forum and email. Generally, the first two options will resolve almost all technical issues. Email support is integrated with email client.