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Apple iTunes is a media player, media library and mobile device management program to play, download, and organize digital audio and video.

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12.10.4 Build 2
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Apple iTunes
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Software description

Music has always been an important factor of societal development. From the first civilizations to the current United States, music has played a role in social, political, and economic change in the United States. The music industry is also very profitable, especially from the late 20th century to now. This led to the introduction to the mass commercialization of CD’s, and when the digital age came around, the introduction of streaming services. This included iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and others. The streaming service we will talk about in this article is iTunes, and we will give a brief description of iTunes, including the features it offers and the role it played in the creation of the music streaming industry.

iTunes: the Start of an Industry

iTunes is a digital media streaming service founded by Apple in 2001, which soon blossomed to be the iTunes we know and love today. iTunes really started the media streaming industry and was made for the iPod, which was introduced to the public in October of 2001. These two products went hand in hand, and when everyone realized how popular these two products were, rival companies did their own version of iTunes, with Google Play Music and Amazon Music both coming out in November of 2001. However, Apple was the first to the ball, meaning their product was the most successful and still is to this day.

iTunes: Features and Advantages

iTunes offers several different features that can prove helpful to users, such as the basic ability to buy music, create and save playlists, and even listen to iTunes Radio. While iTunes is also a store, with the introduction of Apple Music, it’s also a subscription-based streaming service. Apple Music is helpful because iPhone users before had to download an external app, such as Spotify, in order to subscribe to a music streaming service instead of spending a lot of money on buying music.

Now that Apple Music is offered, iPhone users are able to integrate the streaming service with the built-in music app. Furthermore, Apple Music offers competitive pricing as compared to other streaming services, and offers several exclusive features, such as built-in lyrics for every song, exclusive interviews with songwriters, and offers users the ability to listen to local radio stations from around the world.

iTunes: Costs

With all of the cool features that the iTunes offers, it’s completely free, and comes pre-installed in the music app on the iPhone. It doesn’t cost anything to download on PC either, and because the Mac is an Apple product, iTunes comes pre-installed on that platform as well. However, Apple Music has become a large part of iTunes, and the costs of the streaming service is $9.99 a month for normal consumers, and $4.99 a month for college and university students. While you don’t have to pay for Apple Music to use iTunes, Apple has incentivized iTunes users to pay for Apple Music to enjoy all of the benefits that iTunes has to offer.

In conclusion, iTunes represents the beginning of an industry that changed the way we enjoy music. The fact that it was the first music streaming service and provided by the same company that makes the iPhone, it was an instant hit and is still very successful. There are many advantages to using iTunes and paying for Apple Music, and for all of the features that it offers, it won’t break the bank, and you’ll definitely be glad you tried it.