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Java allows you to play online games and chat with people around the world. Also calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D.

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Software details

13 Build 17 Early Access
Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Java is a software language platform that was developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. It was later taken over by the Oracle Corporation. The application of Java is used for developing application software and sending it across multi-functional cross-platforms within the computing environment.

Java is used as part of embedded devices, on mobile phones, enterprise servers and of course, supercomputers. The Java Community Process (JCP) which makes use of Java Specification Requests (JSRs) specifies new additions to Java language software which has undergone significant changes since JDK 1.0 was released.

Java was the newest version of the software language released by the Oracle Corporation in March 2019. There have been several new key elements added to the language software system with this newest update.

Some of the changes included:

– JEP 346 – Prompt return of unused memory that is taken from G1
– JEP 344: Mixed collections for G1
– JEP 230 and 344
– Shenandoah: Which is Low Pause Time Garbage Collector which is used to reduced GC pause times. This is an experimental addition to the Java format

o JEP 230 the Microbenchmark Suite added microbenchmarks to the JDK system software as part of a basic suite. It makes it easier for developers to run their own microbenchmarks, as well as creating further new additions.

o JEP 344 One AArch 64 Port (instead of two) this removes any source of Arm64 ports, but continues to retain the 32 – bit ARM ports and 64-bit aarch64 ports. It allows the contributors to focus on the single 64-bit ARM implementations required.

– JEP 341: Default CDS archiving enchances the JDK building class data-sharing of CDS archives. It uses default class lists on the 64-bit platforms in order to do this. The purpose of this enhance start up times. By default, Java has the setting of CDS as on.

Key Elements of Java 15

There have been additional key elements of Java language features such as:

– Switch Expressions: Switch has been enhanced greatly in order for pattern matching to run more smoothly. This was originally introduced as JEP 325, as a preview language feature under Syntax.

This means Syntax removes the need for any break in statements that could prevent any fallthroughs. It also means developers can introduce and define a set of multiple constants within the same label.

– File.mismatch Methods: The method enabled the return to the position of the first mismatch that was identified. Or, -1L if there was no mismatch identified. There are two files where this scenario may come up:

  • In the case of bytes that are not identical
  • If file sizes are not identical

– Teeing Collectors: This is a new collection system that was introduced by Streams API as part of the new Java 15 updates. The collector has three additonal arguments which includes 2 collectors with the additional bi-function..

– A new Java Strings – New Methods: There were four new methods introduced for Java which were identified as:

  • Ident (int n)
  • Transform (Function F)
  • String resolveConstantDesc (MethodHandles.Lookup lookup)
  • Optional describe Constable ()