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JRiver Media Center lets you create and manage libraries for easy access to the stored media files. You can transfer files to portable devices. It can run videos directly from DVD and Blu-ray disks.

JRiver Media Center Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details

25.0.31 for Win/ 25.0.27 for Mac
Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
JRiver Media Center
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Software description

JRiver Media Center is an outstanding comprehensive and effortless software that will help you manage and enjoy your media on any device anywhere. You can consider it your digital jukebox for all of your media and specific media needs. This software is managing data across nearly all formats of video, audio, and image. Media Center is capable of recording television and managing documents. With the option to customize and configure the software to your individual needs, and with top quality features, this software is worth the download.

JRiver Media Center is a media network, a full service music, video, photo, and TV solution. No being tied down when you have the option to play your media anywhere and anytime. It is the top quality software for audiophile sound. Media Center also has the fastest and most extremely powerful database. An extremely crucial tool for larger collections.

The Media Center can play several different file formats. Having the ability to connect from different media sources such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Last.fm your entertainment options are endless. The software can also share to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr as well as many others. Being compatible with a variety of devices as well, it allows you to be more flexible and on the go with all of your media entertainment.

With this top notch media management software you can also record high definition TV, giving you a comparable alternative to cable TV. It also offers features such as Theater View interface, multiple controlling options, and Direct SHow setup. On Media center you also have an option to RIP or BURN cds. This will allow you in the moment, continual backup for your peace of mind.

JRiver is becoming a bit of a paradise for programmers. Offering multiple versions and adaptations of software that is available on the web and so often it is available for free. Not to mention the Well adept storage and management for large collections that go far beyond your average user. In addition an above the mark program for audiophiles that have the pickiest users choosing JRiver Media Center for their needs.

Multiple devices can be connected to the software allowing you the option to play in different rooms simultaneously. Create a connection to your phone, TV, digital camera, PC, smart speakers, handheld player, xbox and so many more. So No matter the device you are using or how many, you can stay connected with your entertainment and media source. With so many features to offer Media Center easily stands above its competitors.

When it comes down to it the simple features they provide that make your experience the all in on package deal are these; fully compatible music files with bit for bit quality DVD and Blue-ray streaming, DRM free, Complete and orderly with metadata, K scape and Sooloos esque functionality. Your options are endless as well as customizable to your needs and expertise level. JRiver Media Center truly is the all in one package deal. It is almost as though there is nothing JRiver Media Center isn’t capable of.