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Leawo iTransfer is a secure application for file transfer. It helps you create backup of important data from iOS devices on a PC. It is an easy to use tool with a wide range of functionalities. You can adjust its operations as per your convenience. It is a suitable solution for beginners and professionals alike that provides quality experience.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Leawo iTransfer
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Software description

Leawo iTransfer is a Windows utility that enables you to transfer data between a Windows computer and iDevice. The software is compatible with your iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. With the help of this utility, it is now possible to transfer data such as ePub, PDF, apps, photos, ring tones, TCV shows, movies and music to and from PC to iOS.

Main features

Backup your data to and from PC and iTunes: In order to prevent data loss, Leawo iTransfer provides facility to backup your iDevices such as iPad, iPhone, iOS with Windows PC. This way you can save data for extensive uses.

Sync files between iPad, iPhone, iPod and PC: Leawo iTransfer is a powerful software that allows syncing between iDevices.

Quickly transfer data among iDevices: Leawo iTransfer can be used as a software to transfer data among iDevices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. All these activities will only consume a couple of minutes depending upon the size of the files you transfer.

Easy to use

Data transfer is fast and easy with Leawo iTransfer. You can either copy and paste the files from each folder to a PC or into iTunes or can merely drag and drop them in preferred locations.

Recommendation cell on the internet

The company offers support via Skype and through Yahoo Messenger online. It is also possible to submit questions via Leawo iTransfer online form.