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MAGIX Video Pro is the ideal, intuitive and powerful software solution for video production. This award winning software package for video editing, which is geared towards the specific needs of professional users, offers a unique range of powerful tools for post-production.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
MAGIX Video Pro
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Software description

Edit your HD recordings as easily as the DV recordings. The proxy feature of this software automatically or manually creates a version of the video file more suited for editing. This allows a good work-flow and viewing, even when working on Long-GOP images and poor-performing computers. Complex projects with many effects in real time and the tracks remain achievable even when the processor is overloaded. The time-line toolbar has been redesigned to optimize the work-flow. The most important mouse modes are now available with a single click to make editing faster and more efficient. The guides help you to navigate and maintain your orientation in the time line. In MAGIX Video Pro it is possible to enable and disable it according to your needs.

Verifying disk space, volume and time
MAGIX Video Pro now offers features to verify the disk space, exported data volume and time estimates. The NewBlue ColorFast is a built-in plug-in which combines the professional color correction with color grading in a single work-flow. The ‘Spectra insulation color’ technology allows precise control over color adjustments, either in specific sections or in the video image. The Video Pro hybrid video engine supports render GPU with QuickSync, CUDA and OpenCL. Smooth playback in real time of the complex effects, such as primary and secondary color correction has been set to work perfectly with Intel Core i7 processor.