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Malwarebytes, formerly known as MBAM or Malwarebytes Anti-malware, is a reliable security solution. It can effectively protect your PC from viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, dialers and various other types of malware.

Software details

2019 Build 9800 Premium
mac / Windows 10
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Software description

Malwarebytes data protection software first released in 2006 as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, usually abbreviated to MBAM. Malware is a severe risk for anybody who uses their computer for professional and personal reasons. Malwarebytes provides a service that will scan your device regularly and remove any suspicious files or potential malware.

The premium features of Malwarebytes offer extra protection from ransomware and exploit attacks, and can act extremely fast in protecting your data from unsavory sources on the Internet.

Malwarebytes is available on Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac platforms, and is used by people worldwide to help them protect themselves from the risks of the World Wide Web. Many people equate services such as Malwarebytes with the act of buying a safe to keep your essential personal documents when it is your confidential data at risk, and you can never be too safe.

Malwarebytes Key Features

  • Malwarebytes can scan your device automatically, removing malicious content from your equipment before it can affect your files.
  • When it completes these automatic scans, Malwarebytes will remove spyware and malware in real-time without the need for permissions, and this offers extreme protection to sensitive data.
  • This service receives massive acclaim for its ability to shield against exploit attacks. Protecting both your system and installed software, the Malwarebytes software will recognize and remove any exploits that break your computer’s defenses.
  • Malwarebytes is also highly renowned for its ability to recognize and stop ransomware attacks before they can breach your precious data and use it as leverage to extort your hard-earned money. Malwarebytes’ intelligent scanning system will stop the ransomware at its root and protect you completely
  • This service offers an excellent layer of protection to the user while browsing webpages. Malicious content hiding in pop-up ads or fake download links can wreak havoc on the integrity of the users’ system and files. Malwarebytes offers its protection in real-time as you browse the web, keeping you and your data safe.

Who Can Benefit From Malwarebytes?

Many people who don’t use their computer for work or business feel that phrases like malware and ransomware don’t apply to them, as they don’t have the assets to be targeted. This statement could not be further from the truth; many people who shop online with their credit or debit card may find their payment information compromised.

If you use online banking services or other payment methods such as Revolut or Paypal, Malwarebytes can protect against your credit or debit card information being compromised.

Booking flights is also risky online without the correct protection in place. Your name, address, and passport number though seemingly worthless, are excellent targets for identity thieves all across the Internet.

Many businesses looking to protect their online assets can utilize Malwarebytes in protecting their companies’ assets and cashflow by preventing ransomware and exploits designed to hold their data in exchange for a ransom.

Many trading platforms also hold susceptible financial assets and user information and can benefit from the increased security offered by Malwarebytes.