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ManyCam is a video chatting application that enables you to connect to your friends in an exciting way. You can apply various effects to make the live video even more amazing. The software uses the webcam of computer to capture video or take snapshots.

ManyCam Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

ManyCam Software is a live streaming software which assists you in providing professional streams, video conferences and online classes easily. ManyCam works on both Mac and Windows. You can also add live graphic filters and effects to your video calls. You can add real-time effects to all the scenes that are broadcasting with your web-cam so the people on the other side can see them. The Green Screen is also beneficial, since it helps you stimulate a professional background like an office, even if you’re not actually in an office.

ManyCam is very easy to work with. You can connect it to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook if you want to stream simultaneously. Set up your RTMP stream fast and broadcast to your most-liked streaming services. Then, you can go live on several platforms and increase your reach online substantially! Going live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook is one of the most effective ways of growing your online reach. ManyCam makes it a no-brainer to reach your audience easily.

ManyCam also provides the Chroma Key option, which is also known as Green Screen, which enables you to replace your background to enhance the quality of your livestreams and video calls with backdrops that are customized. With the updated Chroma Key tool, you can remove the background while it is showing videos, pictures or supported sources more quickly and efficiently. Chroma Key is the visual effect obtained by layering two images together by the clever use of color. It is used quite a bit in movies, TV shows and news. Ever wondered why the bright green is chosen as the color for the Chroma Key? That’s because green doesn’t match any skin color and is usually not found in objects easily. Sometimes bright blue can also be used. Any background works with the Green Screen on ManyCam.

Another feature of ManyCam is picture-in-picture. With this, you can add many windows at the top of your main screen to catch your audience’s focus. You can add a video source of your choice and then resize and reposition the split-screen. By using multiple picture-in-picture layers while doing your live broadcasts, you can create much more interesting and dynamic videos.

An interesting feature of ManyCam is 4K video support. You have the option of recording, rendering and streaming 4K videos. This live streaming and video calling supports 4K video from many video sources, so that you can increase your production value as well as deliver high-quality live streaming videos.

ManyCam also supports YouTube Integration, helping you create live videos using YouTube videos as your source, or make use of them on your video calls. You can create playlists with videos which you want to play while you’re going live. What you need to do is, copy the URL from YouTube and then paste on any one of your ManyCam sources. You also have the option of pausing or playing your video when you are live or you can add it to you playlist.