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McAfee Stinger is a free antivirus application. This software is designed to detect and eliminate specific viruses. It’s not an alternative for a comprehensive antimalware application, but it can surely assist you in enhancing your system’s performance. It’s a portable tool, which is why it doesn’t consume hard disk space. You can run the file on the go or save it on an external storage device if you intend to use it on multiple PCs. Its user interface is straightforward and you can run a thorough scan without hassles. Moreover, you can also customize its settings to fit your needs.

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
McAfee Stinger
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Software description

Your computer should always be a safe space. Everyday we access lots of different websites to learn, work and even for entertainment. We use our computers to stay in touch with the ones we care about, to do some research for school, to have video conferences with our co-workers, and many other reasons.

But sometimes, when we access a certain type of website, or when we download certain types of files, the safe environment we have created for our computer can be at risk. That is the reason why we should always be aware of the problems our computer might be facing, so we can take over and fix them.

Anti-viruses are the perfect ally for that matter. These are software programmed to scan, detect, erase and clean viruses and other malware from your computer. And you surely have heard about the most famous ones, including McAfee. It is one of the biggest protection software on the market, and offers interesting options for those with lots of resources, and even those with limited ones.

This is the part where McAfee Stinger shows up. This software (sometimes known as McAfee AVERT Stinger) is a tool used to specifically reach and eliminate a bunch of viruses and their variations. It should not be considered as a typical anti-virus, but it does protect your computer analyzing it when you have the suspicion or the certainty that it might be infected by one or multiple kinds of viruses.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a computer with limited resources, you can always get the portable version of this tool because of McAfee and PortableApps great job developing a lighter version of it. Unlike other complete tools, the portable version is designed to be executed without a typical installation process. You can carry it out with you and just run it when you need it.

All you need to do is to run the app, and it will do a deep analysis of your computer. After the analysis, if it happens to find something abnormal, McAfee Stinger is going to erase those files or viruses and let you enjoy a safe software environment again. However, if you do not run the program by yourself, it will not be able to detect the danger. As we said before, it does not work as a regular anti-virus, and it activates only when you run it.

The portable version is perfect for laptops, notebooks or low-cost computers that can not afford to allow an anti-virus running on the background, permanently consuming important resources that can be exploited in a different (and probably better) way. If you are careful and keep an eye on what you download and install in your computer, along with this tool, you can get a really good protection for your system.

Again, do not mistakenly believe that McAfee Stinger is an antivirus. It can be considered as an extractor, that gives you a detailed list, given by McAfee, with more than 3000 viruses and helps you to get rid of them.