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We’ve all been there; you’ve just bought your Microsoft Office subscription, you’re going through all the programs to test them out for the first time, and then you get to Microsoft Access and realize that the world is a lot more complicated than you previously thought.

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Microsoft Access is the Office equivalent of the notebook day planner; you know it can help you, you construct a plan to start using it more, but you never do. The truth is, most people aren’t really sure what Microsoft Access does or what it’s for. Well, here we will investigate the true function of Microsoft Access, find out what it can help with, and why it is a necessary addition to the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Database Creation

As I said before, Microsoft Access is a program geared towards businesses and large enterprises. Access’ strong suit is being able to create and maintain large amounts of data for companies that need them. For example, Bank of America would use Microsoft Access to store their clients’ data, such as card numbers, account numbers, etc. While Microsoft Excel can do these things as well, it cannot do it to the extent of Microsoft Access. Why? Because Excel will limit the amount of data you can store to the amount of rows in a single worksheet. Also, you can’t program Excel to sort and store the information the way you want it to, whereas with Microsoft Access, you can.

One more thing that makes Access great for storing data is that it is designed to look for duplicate listings. The reason behind this is to keep you from entering the same information twice. This is helpful for large companies who have to deal with hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of customers.

There are also ways to create several different tables in Microsoft Access to keep track of different areas of your business. For example, you can create different tables for customer data, producer data, and amount of units bought and sold. Microsoft Access has you covered when it comes to creating and maintaining an organized database to keep it stress free at the office or in the board meeting.

  • Report Creation

Another use for Microsoft Access is for company-wide reports. This can be sales reports, growth of customer base, or what have you. Access can do it all, because it’s a database platform. Normally, if you used Excel for the storage of your data, it would be very hard to create a report from inside the program. With Access, it’s very easy, because there are already built-in templates that can compile the data for you. All you have to do is decide what data you want to use, how it needs to be sorted, choose the visual layout and color scheme, and viola! Your report is ready to be shared with the rest of the company.

Microsoft Access is arguably the most confusing application inside Microsoft Office. It’s probably the least used as well. But the benefits that it can provide to the people who actually do use it are tremendous, and can render a better workflow and a more satisfied customer base. So the next time you see that scary “A” next to the rest of your Office apps, you won’t be afraid to click on it and get started, because now you know what it’s for and how to use it.