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Microsoft Edge is a lightweight web browser for Windows, Android and iOS. It gives you one continuous browsing experience across your mobile devices to your Microsoft Windows 10 PC.

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Microsoft Edge
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Software description

The internet age has brought more inventions and innovations with it besides itself, and one of those innovations is the web browser. In the world we live in today, web browsers are essential to communicate and engage with the internet, which has become a greater part of our lives since its inception. There are several web browsers out there, but we are going to be talking about one individual web browser. This web browser has taken the world by storm since its creation, and has many people switching over because of its simple but immaculate design, its constant updates to improve user satisfaction, and its overall appeal as a web browser. Yes, in this article we will be giving you a quick description of Microsoft Edge and the many features that it offers that makes it a great search engine.

A True Success Story

You know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s what Microsoft did with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a newer, more modern version of Internet Explorer developed by Microsoft that was released to the public in 2015. Microsoft wanted to cover up the mess that had been left by their former flagship browser Internet Explorer, a slow, often unresponsive, and overall bad web browser. Internet Explorer had been a part of Microsoft since the very beginning, but with the creation of better alternatives, like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, people began to abandon IE.

Then, in 2015, Microsoft released Microsoft Edge, a newer, more responsive, and downright cooler web browser that was just as fast if not faster than its competition. Microsoft Edge uses the same development software as Google Chrome, meaning it can offer what the competition offers and more. Furthermore, Microsoft Edge has that modern flare that Microsoft touts as part of their brand, which appeals to many consumers.


So now that we’ve talked about how Microsoft Edge was created, let’s dive into the features it offers. The first thing we have to mention is how incredibly fast it is. With the simplistic redesign and the fact that the browser is based on the Chromium development software, the browser is now fine-tuned to compete with the best of them. Another advantage to using Microsoft Edge is that Microsoft, while still having problems of its own, is better trusted by the public than Google because of recent privacy concerns expressed by a lot of Google’s customers.

Microsoft has taken this to heart, and has added several privacy features within Microsoft Edge to help their users feel safer when they use their browser. Microsoft also treats Edge just like it treats Windows, coming out with regular updates to enhance the program and increase security. With the updates, Microsoft has added compatibility with new extensions, such as Kaspersky Password Manager. The last thing worth mentioning is the overall look and feel of the browser. While the recent redesign is simple, it’s also elegant and stylish. Whether we’re talking about the logo redesign or the new homepage, you can tell that Microsoft continues to learn from their mistakes to create a better product.

Microsoft Edge has been through several versions since its inception, and is itself Microsoft’s second attempt to enter the market of web browsers. However, through trial and error, Microsoft Edge is now being used again, and continues to gain market from the other giants. Microsoft Edge offers a message to other companies that failure is necessary to create a better product, and while it can take a very long time to get where you want to be, it’s all worth it in the end.