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The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) is a tool that is used to remove any and all bad/malicious software out of the computer’s system. The MSRT keeps any and all computers free from any malware or viruses while disposing of suspicious files and programs that may be a threat and cause viruses.

Software details

2020 5.80.16723.1
Windows 10
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
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Software description

This tool is usually released with every update that windows has to offer, but can also be individually downloaded from the Microsoft website. If you are suspicious of any threats that may be on your computer, you can easily use this tool to remove and scan for any threats that might appear. MSRT only targets prevalent malware families only. If you want a more detailed scan you can use other tools such as Microsoft Safety Scanner. MSRT Supports numerous languages, if the language is not listed, then automatically it will use English (United States).


With this tool, you don’t need to run it manually. But if you suspect that you may be having any issues with your computer then you may be obligated to run it. The program can be opened like any other .exe file. When the program is open, you will be greeted with an graphical interface. This program provides a quick and full scan, depending on what you want. The Quick Scan is a scan that runs in the background. And the Full Scan is a scan that relatively goes through all of the files and does a detailed inspection on the files and programs you have on your computer.

You can also do a Customized scan, meaning that you can relatively choose the files and paths you want scanned. When you run your scan, the program will create a log file where you can view all the data and information that has been scanned. This log file will be in the path of C:\Windows\debug\mrt.log and can be opened by using any text editing tool, or more commonly used, Notepad. With this you are able to see what has been scanned and any all data you need to know about the file that has been scanned.

Whenever your program has found any malicious software, the program will inform you and will ask you if you want the malicious software to be removed. This program will help you battle specific malicious software that may be located in the files of your computer software, it is recommended that you do a full scan once and awhile, to make sure that your computer is malware free and cannot be infected with any viruses. Although there is no need to manually run the program, it is advised to perform a scan once and awhile for computer safety reasons.

Although additional protection may be needed for other types of viruses such as the Microsoft Safety Scanner, or any other protection, simply because the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool only battles with a specific type of prevalent malware and suspicious programs that may infect and cause a threat your computer.