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Microsoft.NET Framework is a must have software for users and developers. The visually appealing nature of the Framework allows for ease of use when building interfaces promptly without quality suffering. With the option of working in over 20 programming languages, the program is a necessity for any computer programmer. All in all, when searching for software,

Software details

4.8 Build 3928
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Microsoft .NET Framework
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Software description

.NET is a type of development platform which consists of libraries, programming languages and tools for creating various types of applications.

There are different types of .NET application, and each of them are compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and the likes.

  1. .NET Framework – this supports services, running websites, desktop applications and others.
  2. .NET Core – is a type of cross-platform that allows you to run websites, services, consoles applications on macOS, Windows and Linux.
  3. Xamarin/Mono – supports running application on all leading mobile operating systems, like iOS and Android.

.NET Standard on the other hand, is the formal stipulation of the APIs that revolves around the .NET implementations. This allows running libraries on varying implementations.

More about .NET Framework

The two major element of .NET Framework are the .Net Framework Class Library and the Common Language Runtime.

  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the application in charge of the execution of the applications. It also provides services such as thread management, type-safety, garbage collection, exception handling, and the likes.
  • The Class Library renders a set of APIs and types of usual functionality as well. This provides different types for dates, strings, numbers, etc. This also includes APIs for writing files, reading, drawing, connecting devices, and many more.

Uses of .NET Framework

This is designed to run and create software applications. .NET applications are able to run on many operating systems with the different implementations of .NET.

Users of .NET Framework

  • Those who use applications that are made with .NET Framework has to have .NET Framework installed. Luckily, .NET Framework is already availably installed in Windows.
  • Software developers or those people who want to many types of applications can use .NET Framework for services, websites, desktops, and many more.

Main features of .NET Framework

As mentioned earlier, the two main components of .NET Framework are the .NET Framework Class Library and the Common Language Runtime (CLR.) The CLR is engine that takes charge of the running applications. The Class Library on the other hand, provides the common functionality and different sets of APIs.

Difference between .NET Framework and .NET Core

  • .NET Core is a type of cross-platform that runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. Whereas .NET Framework only applies to Windows.
  • .NET Core is considered to be open-source, which means they accept contributions from the people. On the other hand, .NET Framework does not take direct contributions, though their source code is available.
  • Most innovation of .NET happens in the .NET Core.
  • .NET Core is independently shipped. While .NET Framework is already included in Windows operating system, and is updated by the machine-wide update of Windows themselves.

Price of a .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is free, just like all of the .NET platforms. There are no licensing costs or fees needed for the application.

Support policy for .NET Framework

The latest version of .NET Framework is the .NET Framework 4.8 and will continue to be distributed along with the soon to be released versions of Windows. But it should be installed on a device that is supported by Windows.