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OneDrive is a reliable file hosting and synchronization service. It’s a component of Office Online service and you can use 5GB space for free. Users can use this space to store all types of personal files and can access the data from any smart device.

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Microsoft OneDrive
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Accessibility is important in today’s modern world. If we don’t have accessibility, we lose the competitive edge that will keep us ahead of the curve. In this case, accessibility means access to business assets 24/7/365, no matter where you are or what platform you are using. Yes, in this overview we are going to talk about Microsoft OneDrive and the many advantages to using it, and as you’ll see, there are plenty.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive is a storage system similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, in which files are saved on Microsoft’s remote storage servers instead of your computer’s hard drive. Microsoft OneDrive was introduced in 2007 and has made lives easier ever since. Since it’s a cloud service, users don’t have to worry about losing their files just because they’re computer has issues; they can simply just move to a different computer or digital device that has Microsoft OneDrive installed, which leads us into our second advantage of Microsoft OneDrive.

Universal Compatibility

Microsoft OneDrive was created with the idea that Microsoft Office didn’t have to be limited to just PCs and Macs, but could be expanded to new technologies as well, like smartphones and tablets, which were released in later years after 2007. With Microsoft OneDrive, saving a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or what have you is no longer only available on that specific computer; it can be opened on any device that has Microsoft OneDrive installed (and connected to the internet, obviously).

OneDrive gives users the ability to edit their creations on the go, no matter if they’re at the office on their main computer, at the coffee shop looking at their documents on their phone, or at home burning the midnight oil on their own computer. The advantage is that Microsoft OneDrive can make your documents available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Instant Editing

Microsoft OneDrive has the same advantage that Google Drive had for the longest time, which was immediate access by the user and the people who the user gave editing permission to. OneDrive allows employees to collaborate on documents at all times, whether they’re at the office or on the go.

Incredible Pricing

Microsoft OneDrive is part of Microsoft’s online Office. As such, users are able to use it just like they would with Google Drive. The only time users have to pay, if they’re using the online version of Office, is for extra server space. The pricing ranges from 50 GB of space for $1.99 a month, 1 TB with Office 365 Personal for $6.99 a month, or 5 TB for five users and Office 365 Home for $9.99 a month. All in all, it seems like a pretty good deal, and Microsoft incentivizes getting Office installed on your computer so you can work even when you don’t have internet.

Microsoft OneDrive is, simply put, an amazing application that makes it easier for professionals to communicate with each other and see each other’s work immediately through the cloud. It is Microsoft’s way of streamlining productivity and at the same time getting a cut of the pie that is consuming our world today; internet storage. However, while Microsoft OneDrive is still used quite often, Microsoft also understands the downsides of doing all of your work through the internet and the cloud, which is why they include Office subscriptions with higher volumes of cloud storage.

All in all, Microsoft OneDrive is a perfect solution to the hectic movement of our daily lives by adding universal compatibility and instant viewing and editing opportunities. Microsoft OneDrive is the embodiment of the age-old saying, “work smarter, not harder.”