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Microsoft OneNote is an advanced, rich-featured note taking program. It will take information organization to a new level giving a reliable digital notebook that can replace traditional paper notes.

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Microsoft OneNote
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Note-taking is very important when it comes to retaining information. It is especially necessary for the people who use Microsoft Office on a daily basis, such as students and businessmen, just to name a few. Microsoft realized this pretty early on, and it wasn’t long until they included Microsoft OneNote to the Office suite of applications. Today, we are going to give you a brief introduction of Microsoft OneNote, as well as its many features and advantages over the competition. So let’s get right into it.


Microsoft OneNote was first introduced to the public with the release of Office 2003, and of course was consequently updated to the OneNote we know and love today. In Microsoft OneNote, users have the ability to create notes over various subjects that they can organize into virtual notebooks that they create. OneNote offers the same exact text formatting as Microsoft Word, meaning you can type your notes in anything from Arial to Times New Roman.


Microsoft OneNote offers so many features that it’s hard to count, and it would bore you if we listed them all out right here. But we can list the most important ones. For starters, OneNote allows you to create notes on the fly without saving your work. Microsoft OneNote saves notes automatically, and it doesn’t even have to be connected to OneDrive either. Even though it seems like OneNote is syncing with your OneDrive account, it can actually automatically save all of your notes on your PC instead of the cloud. This means that for busy users, you can simply close your computer after you’re done taking notes, and all of your work will be saved.

As stated before, Microsoft OneNote offers the same formatting options as Microsoft Word, meaning you can still insert pictures, Excel spreadsheets, and even helpful graphs. You can also write with a stylus on OneNote, or draw a graph yourself. In fact, there are templates that help out with this feature, which brings us to the templates offered by OneNote.

There are several different templates you can choose from, depending on the task at hand. If you’re taking notes on a lecture, OneNote has a template for that. Have a business meeting? OneNote’s got you covered. Templates can help you better manage your notes and incentive you to only write down the highlights of what you need to know, so you don’t get distracted by large parcels of text.

One of the best things about Microsoft OneNote, however, are the different text boxes you can add to the page so you can see all of your notes without having to move the screen. For example, instead of a long stream of notes, you can split that string into two text boxes and make both boxes take up half of the width of the screen. For lecture notes, this is especially helpful.


Microsoft OneNote was a terrific idea by Microsoft. To say that it was a worthy addition to Microsoft Office would be an understatement, and not using it at all would be to ignore the advantages that this virtual note-taking application offers. Microsoft OneNote has been a part of the Microsoft family of products since 2003, and judging by the improvements made to it over the years, it’s not going anywhere.