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Gone are the days of the cubicle and the corner office. The modern workplace is largely online, and where that once meant an unwieldy change of emails and zip files in order to piece a project together, today it can be managed through a single platform: Microsoft Project. Simply the most powerful team management app available right now.

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Microsoft Project
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Software description

The modern workplace is inherently decentralized. You may still find live-and-in-person offices, but they are, almost without exception, going to be connected to telecommuters and remote freelancers and other studios and offices across the country and around the world. So, apps like Microsoft Project are critical to running any team project in the modern day.

What we’re looking for is cloud-based team and project management that is intuitive, dynamic, and user-friendly, and that’s what we get with Microsoft Project. Simply put, it’s easy to see why this app is a leader in the market:

  • Easy to use. This isn’t just a project management app for the IT team. Every member of the staff should have no problem jumping in and taking part, even if they’ve never so much as filled out a spreadsheet.
  • Simultaneous, realtime work environment. No more refreshing the app over and over again to see what’s happening, no more sending emails back and forth to ask if they finished that thing they were working on. Microsoft Project allows large teams to work closely together in realtime.
  • Live chat and meeting interface are built right in. The next best thing to sharing an office.
  • Project approval at every step of the way.
  • Controls for email messaging and communication trees.
  • File sharing and permissions.
  • Automated scheduling.
  • Simultaneous editing.
  • Tracking and insights so that you can get the most out of your time, money and resources.
  • Management for email marketing campaigns.

Essentially, this is an all-in-one hub for everything that goes into managing a project. From delineating tasks and setting up your project pipeline to actually getting your work out to the client or customer.

What Microsoft Project does can be most simply explained as follows: It turns the cloud into a virtual office. Gone are the days when you needed to rent out an entire floor of an office building in order to manage a company. Through Microsoft Project, all you need is a laptop and a dedicated team.

Being a Microsoft product, there is no Microsoft Project for Mac, although it can be run on a virtual machine platform and used cross-platform with WIndows users of Microsoft Project online.

If you’re looking for one of the most powerful project management platforms available today, you really can’t ask for any better than Microsoft Project. Just about anything you’d hope for such a platform to do, Microsoft Project does it, from brainstorming to planning to production to shipping. The entire pipeline can be managed right here if you just click that Microsoft Project download link.