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Microsoft Publisher is a desktop application that is similar to Microsoft Word, but it differentiates from it by the page layouts and design, rather than mainly focusing on text editing and proofreading.

Software details

2020 16.0.6741.2048
Windows 10
Microsoft Publisher
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Software description

Microsoft Publisher is easy to use and it mainly focuses on small companies who need an easy editing software for specific things such as marketing materials and documents where there is a lack of a design team.

The program is entry-level and useful for small businesses and people who are starting ti do graphic design because it offers layouts for brochures, cards and etc. When done you can easily export the file, mail it or publish it depending on your needs. This is a super easy and friendly program that helps you easily design any cards or needed things you may be looking for. Easily a beginners program and a great starting point for graphic designers.

Features of Microsoft Publisher:

These are the features that Microsoft Publisher has to offer to its users. They help and enhance the experience of editing and designing products.

-Professional texts, effects, shapes and pictures

This allows to you make the content you are creating extremely professional and done in a correct manner, with professional texts, you are able to choose good fonts for your design which can greatly increase the aesthetic purposes of your intended document, along with effects and shapes.

-Ability to use High resolution backgrounds

This is a great feature for the quality of your document design, this will greatly enhance the document by having a great resolution to the background pictures you may use.

-Mail merge tool

Another great feature that satisfies editing needs

-Drag and drop images

This feature makes inserting images into your document fairly easy, meaning that you can easily insert your pictures into your document rather than having to use specific commands to do it.

-Guides and ruler

If you are looking to get accurate measurements on your documentations, then this tool is great because it provides you with a ruler that enables you to be able to measure the exact size of what you need, as well as guides that prove to be useful in the context of where to place your text and shapes.

-Document sharing and cloud saving

You can easily share your documents to the people you choose to share them with, by emailing or other options that are provided. The Microsoft Publisher also provides you with a cloud saving feature, meaning that you can save your documents in the cloud.

-Import images from online libraries like Facebook

With this, you can use images directly from online and be able to upload them into your document for easy editing and access, this is great because it eases the need to search for specific images and download them while you can easily access the library from your documentation.

– High resolution save files in common formats

Your images can be saved with high resolution through common formats, the quality of the images is greatly enhanced with this feature, meaning that you are able to deliver high quality products in a great resolution.

These features are extremely useful and enhance the user experience that Microsoft Publisher has to offer to its users, it’s a great standalone tool, alternatively a great design tool.