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Microsoft Security Essentials is an effective solution that is a must for every Windows PC. It can efficiently find any virus and spyware present in system memory and deactivates it by changing its status to Quarantine. Its everyday definition updates ensure that the software is in the best condition and is capable of keeping your system and data away from access of unauthorized users.

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Updates December 6, 2018
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Microsoft Security Essentials Definition
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Software description

What is Microsoft Security Essentials? Microsoft Security Essentials Definition Updates is the default antivirus software of Windows operating system that provides guaranteed protection against various malware threats. It is a freeware with high tendency of resisting the attacks of Trojan Horse, spyware, virus, worms, rootkit and potentially unwanted programs. It has a simple user interface and can be operated easily by anyone due to its simplicity. It was introduced in 2008 to provide users with an effective method for dealing with harmful content and to keep their PC safe without much efforts. Its latest version comes within a secure package called Windows Defender.

MSE Updates are the files that contain relevant information for identification of malware content and potentially unwanted programs. These definitions are used to find possible threats in system and for taking most suitable action against them so that they cannot cause any harm to system privacy. The database for definitions is updated often whenever any new malware is found, therefore it is necessary to download updates for protection against latest virus.

Updates: Microsoft Security Essentials is updated every day in order to provide maximum protection against different malware. Its frequent updates for virus and spyware definitions help the system to stay safe from newly discovered threats. It uses a web based software program, called Microsoft Update, to quickly search for the availability of new updates and downloads them on the basis of already adjusted settings. Its real-time protection against virus and spyware assures that no harmful file can affect your system. Whenever a risky file is downloaded, it displays a warning and disables its execution.

Downloading Updates: There are two methods of downloading the updates: Automatic and Manual downloading. Automatic downloading of updates helps you save yourself from the efforts of opening the software and downloading updates every few days. Its automatic updates are turned on by default, however, you can change its settings anytime. The Updates tab of MSE displays general information such as date and time of creation of updates, last update of definitions, as well as version number of virus and spyware definitions.

Manual Downloads: Manual downloading of MSE Updates is usually preferred only when Microsoft Security Essentials is not your default antivirus software or you do not want to fill up memory space unnecessarily with daily updates. For downloading these updates manually, you can open the software window, go to its Update tab and click Update Definitions button. The other method is to visit the official website of the product and find the most suitable file with latest definitions and download it in system memory. Running this file will perform the desired task.