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Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborational program between Microsoft and Wikipedia. The program is completely browser-based. The program is a documentation organizer. It allows you to set up passwords and publish documents, which can later be edited and published.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
Microsoft SharePoint
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Software description

Microsoft SharePoint is a documentation storage unit which contains the documents that you choose to publish. These documents can be downloaded and as mentioned before, edited. This program can effectively help you organise and sort your documentation while also being able to store documents. But you can also easily share documentation with clients and customers.

SharePoint servers also provides data such as libraries, web pages, modern web sites and etc.

Features in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint offers a vide variety of useful features that may prove to be efficient and useful for organizing and publishing your documents, as well as online sharing and editing. These features are:

-Access services

Access services support 365 apps and can download Excel features to pivot tables. They also improved related item control so users can easily add their own items.

-Compliance Services

The Compliance Center and In-Place Policy Center allows administrators to apply policies and apply them on their SharePoint documents. It also allows users to delete documents from their OneDrive site. Making unwanted documents easily disposable from their sites.

-Document library accessibility

Users can easily set landmarks to enhance easy navigation, easily set shortcuts for specific tasks, and you can also use announcements to announce specific uploads and improve callout readings and use updates for help documentations.

-Expanded file names

With expanded file names a file name can be consisted of a large number of characters, specifically a maximum number 128 characters, and can contain special characters.


Hybrid allows better integration with 365 tools and services, including Delve, Sway and Office Graph. This is a great tool for integration services.

-Information and right management

Digital right management that protects sensitive data unauthorized usage that may come from third party accesses that may not be authorized to view data.

-Large File support

Microsoft SharePoint supports larger files which is a great ideal source for uploading files, the previous limit for uploading files was 2GB, now there is no limit now to how much your file can be large, but the recommended file size should not exceed 10Gb for recommended upload reasons, although it can exceed it.


Administrators can install roles that they want installed on their SharePoint servers.

-Mobile Experience

Users can switch from PC to mobile view depending on preference. This provides a mobile friendly interface.

-Open Document Format

With this feature you can create and save files in the ODF format. Which enables you to later be able to edit your files with programs of your choosing.

-Site Pages Pinning

With this feature you can pin sites to easily remember what you need to do or open a previous site and open premises on Office 365.

-Improvement to sharing features

This feature enables easy file sharing and also enables you to invite, approve or deny requests easily. This feature also enables you to see who shares files.

These are the features that Microsoft SharePoint has to offer.