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Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based program that supports office 365 that includes calling, texting, and socializing with other people in your group. This application is useful for scheduling real-time calls and messages with clients and members of your work team.

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Microsoft Teams
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Software description

You are able to set a specific time go when your team can be able to communicate with another, something similar to an indirect meeting to discuss plans and different topics for work related reasons. You are also able to invite people from outside of your group to schedule business-to-buisness meetings for communication purposes and planning.

Users are able to receive and make calls using this application, they can also switch calls from landlines to public lines easily. Microsoft Team is available on many Microsoft plans, including business, educational and non-profit packages. Microsoft Teams is also supported by Android and iOS, while also including the usage of Windows, it works for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers.


The features of Microsoft Teams are feature that deliver easy communication to its users.

-Audio and Video Call

The audio and video call features are ones that make organizing and chatting easier and more efficient, with this users are able to directly speak to another without having the need to spend that time in texting.

-File attachment

You are able to attach any given file that may be considered as valuable information and send it to your team, this is great for specific documents and instructions.

-Guest access to teams

You are able to invite guests to join your team for business collaboration purposes and other purposes that may require a second opinion.

-Web versions of Word,Excel and PowerPoint

You are able to get access to the website versions of these programs, meaning that you are easily able to use them through the website and easily do documents and other information.

-Screen sharing

With this you are able to show your desktop screen and share important and crucial data to your team, or they can also present data to you that they think might be valuable. This is a great feature for presentation and explanation purposes.

-Collaboration on Office Documents

Users can effectively collaborate to create and edit specific documentation that is valuable to them and share their changes and ideas to their teams.

-Unlimited chat messages in Teams

You are able to receive and send out an unlimited amount of needed text messages to your teams without having any limitations or restrictions to how may you are permitted and allowed to send. This feature allows easy non restrictive communication between team members and grants access to unlimited texting and file sharing which is great for team needed work.

These are the features that Microsoft Teams has to provide for its users, each individual feature grants specific access to some valuable tool that may greatly affect productivity and ease work process while also granting great stability and efficient work tools for projects and other forms of media that may be needed, with this the Microsoft Teams application is great for communication and team efforts.