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Mozilla Thunderbird is the alternative tool for managing your Email accounts. It is a fast working application that lets you log in to your accounts and then view the Emails by dividing them into separate folders. It lets you access many chat engines for using the option from your desktop only.

Software details

Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Mozilla Thunderbird
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Software description

Thunderbird is a software or application developed by Mozilla in a bid to help people manage their emails, chat, news, and groups easily. The software is based on open-source code. Additionally, it is free and supports cross-platform features. Thunderbird enhances the overall email experience by using speed, privacy, and the latest technological features.

Thunderbird Features

This polished product utilizes a couple of key features to accomplish its intended purpose

Mail Account Set-Up Wizard

With a few clicks, you can easily set up your secure account, and the vast database will in getting you the appropriate settings for the same.

One-click Address Book

This feature makes it possible to add your contacts to your address book easily. It includes features such as reminders and birthdays.

Search Tools

The search tool feature is one of the most advanced of any search engine available on the internet. The search tool will help you to quickly find the mail or the file you are looking for.

File Management

As the name suggests, Thunderbird helps you swiftly move or copy files. Additionally, it makes it easier when uploading files online.

Robust Privacy

Thunderbird supports privacy and remote image protection by locking emails and images from remote locations.

Target Audience

Thunderbird is for users who prefer to have a secure and easy experience when handling their files and emails online while on a budget. The software has so many features, and it is hard to believe it is entirely free. Additionally, it is intended for those who frequently use their PCs and Mac computers to work.

How Does Thunderbird Work

Thunderbird is an email client. An email client is a third party application that allows you to send or receive emails directly to your computer. Thunderbird works in the same way as it communicates with various servers to enable you to send and receive your email messages fast. There are other email clients you can buy online. However, Thunderbird is ahead because of its open-source feature. This means it’s constantly getting updates to make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, Thunderbird has added security features that safeguard your privacy and protect your data when browsing online.

Benefits of Using Thunderbird

First, this software allows its users to backup their data, whether emails or files on their PC. In the event a user accidentally deletes their data, Thunderbird allows them to use the backup feature.

Secondly, Thunderbird is packed with quality features that are accessible for free. There are many email clients that users can easily purchase online. However, Thunderbird is free software that does more than other email clients.

Thirdly, it has a smooth user experience. Thunderbird operates using an interface that is similar to what users are accustomed to, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Google, and Microsoft.

This means that users get to have all the features these email clients provide and so much more. For instance, the security features of this email client mean that users can rest easy knowing their data is safe and secure.