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Music Label is a software that helps us to manage and organize your audio file collection. The program is configured in such a way that it allows the user to store an infinite number of music files within the database. Each saved document can be exhibited with other information such as title, original title, plot, genre, director, cast, etc.

Software details

2019 24.1 Build 3652
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Music Label
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Software description

The software allows you to have a complete picture of your music collection, with statistics and reports. The program has features that let you catalog any audio file,  this includes MP3, CD, vinyl to cassette tapes. The program prevents the duplication of files and therefore save both time and money.

The user interface of the program is well structured for ease of use. With the help of this program finds the right audio file will never become a problem. All the information can easily be downloaded from the Internet. Thanks for the link to the CDDB database (an acronym for Compact Disc Database).

The latest version of the program includes the following changes:

  • Firebird 5.1
  • Updated database
  • Updated tag line
  • Improved Performance
  • Export, print management and statistics
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Music Label organizes your music collection, controlling information about your CD with automatic indexes through the virtual database engine CDDB. Music Label helps DJ´s to create play-lists with detailed reports and statistics. Music albums on CD or vinyl, as well as other digital formats are compatible with this software.