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NordVPN is a suitable solution for navigating the Internet in an anonymous way and protect yourself from trackers or data leaks.

Software details
Android / iphone / Windows 10
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Software description

The NordVPN program could be defined as a professional web encryption tool available to everyone. How it works completely online, that is, you can’t use it like any other downloadable computer program and run it without having to be connected to the internet.

It’s a powerful cybersecurity network that will allow you to browse the internet, no matter where you are, without having to worry about whether someone controls your movements. In other words, its basic function is to erase our footprints on the network, so that no one can see what we are doing, nor prevent us from accessing any kind of content.

It does not require a previous installation, but we will be asked for an online registration with a username and password. Its operation is very simple, because we will only have to indicate our position and the type of IP that we want to generate and the program will do the rest. Suitable for any type of user.

Professional Security

The operation of the program is as follows: VPN creates a remote server regardless of what the national servers offer. The user can access it completely privately and browse the network freely without being seen, since the program hides the IP and encrypts all the data that it receives or sends.

Business use

NordVPN not only is limited to serving individuals, but can also offer a wide range of utilities to companies where their workers need regular access to a private server. NordVPN will generate a private network that any employee, without having to be their job, will be able to access. This is a great relief for many companies in most of their work is generated and transmitted over the network, avoiding problems of cyberattacks and plagiarism.

Virus safety

There are many of us who go up and down with our computer, being able to work telematically from anywhere with access to a WI-FI network, such as a coffee shop or a library. Although its use is very good and gets us out of a hurry, this type of access is quite problematic to be so open access, being able to cause us more than one disgust with the entry of some virus hidden in that network.

To avoid this problem NordVPN will also help us, creating a web traffic tunnel parallel to that of other people present there. Therefore, our connection is fast and above all, free of viruses and possible virtual attacks.

Unlimited access to content

Another advantage, as I mentioned earlier, is the possibility to access all kinds of content, whatever the continent. Many countries, especially outside the European Union, restrict access to their digital content for users who are not in line with a national IP. Well, thanks to NordVPN this problem will be over. For example, if you live in Spain and want to watch an online movie that is only available through Mexican servers, you can do so without any impediment.

The program will generate a fake IP that will make your position appear as a resident user in the Americas and non-European Continent. Therefore, it is a really useful and secure application for any user who wants a complete browsing experience, without territorial or security limits.