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Norton Family Premier is a software that uses the same technology as enshrined Norton AntiVirus. Developed by Symantec, the program allows parents to control the content their children access on the internet. The service is compatible with devices with Android 2.1 or higher; just like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later.

Software details

Android / Windows 10
Norton Family Premier
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Software description

Before you install the program, it is necessary to make a quick registration on the developer’s website. Notify your data correctly, and proceed to the next step. Once installed, return to the site and choose the tab “Setting.” There you can define which content to block, for example: If you do not want your children to see sites containing pornography, drugs and alcohol, simply check the corresponding boxes in the “Web”.

Why is it important?

Want to protect your children from inappropriate web content without concern? Nowadays, our children learn to surf the internet even before you take your first preventive steps, so even it is the duty of parents to protect their children. The most reliable way to achieve this is through programs like this. To download the file you need to perform a registration on the site.

With Norton Family Premier, you can see the words or phrases that children are searching on the Internet and, with the analysis of the general report, you can easily understand their intentions. The program also allows you to configure alarms to be notified during false searches. Thus, it is much easier to educate children about Internet usage. Norton Family Parental Control comes in English and is free.