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Norton Security Premium is a comprehensive security solution for Windows PCs. This software is owned by Symantec and helps users protect their system from malware and hacking attacks. It’s a licensed tool. But you can evaluate its trial version for free for a limited duration. A major benefit of this application is that it’s a shareware. So, you can use the licensed product on all your devices. It comes equipped with various functions. Since its GUI is user-friendly, you won’t face any issues in understanding its functionalities. This antivirus application has become the top choice of many users due to its efficacy.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Norton Security Premium
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Software description

Norton Security Premium 2019 is your one-stop security solution. It effectively protects your PC from potential threats. But it’s a heavy application. Therefore, you have to be patient when it comes to installing the software on your PC.

System Security

Maintaining the safety of your PC and smart devices should be your top priority. And Norton Security Premium can help you with your goal.

You can run scans to detect malware and eliminate them. You can also automate the task by allowing the application to automatically run scans as per your specified settings. It can efficiently detect and remove threats that many other security applications fail to find.

Identity Protection

It’s not easy to remember passwords for various accounts. If you set the same password for all your accounts, you’re more likely to become a victim of hacking attacks. You should rather create unique and strong passwords and then manage them with the help of this application.

Phishing is when a hacker sends you a malicious link via an Email. You may click it, believing that a trusted sender sent it. But it may give the control of your PC in the hands of unauthorized users. Norton Security Premium can alert you about potential phishing attacks to keep you safe.

Backup and Restore

What if you accidentally delete an important file or lose it due to hard disk malfunction?

You need not worry if you’re using Norton Security Premium. It provides you with 25 GB free cloud storage space where you can create a secure backup of data. You can later restore the lost files via this backup as and when needed.

Enhances Performance

It’s extremely important you should use a specialized utility program to maintain the performance of your PC. This way, you can keep it in working condition for long and increase its speed.

This useful application saves you from trouble. It contains tools such as disk defragmenter, file cleaner, and startup optimizer. It helps you get rid of junk files to free memory space. Also, you can disable unwanted startup programs to reduce the time it takes for the operating system to load.


If you’re looking for an effective security tool, you should give Norton Security Premium a try. It possesses an intuitive user interface. You can keep your PC safe from malware or hackers, maintain a backup of data, manage passwords, and enhance system performance via its tools.