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NoScript is a useful add-on of Mozilla based web browsers that assists you in obtaining browsing security. Execution of scripts performs many operations on webpages, but it can also be the cause of malware. This tool fights against harmful scripts effectively and lets you choose safe websites so that no action should be taken against them. It is an advanced tool preferred by experienced users.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

NoScript is a free security suite that can be used for enhancing online security on Mozilla Firefox web browser. Basically it is a browser add-on that can be easy downloaded and installed via internet. It helps you stay away from risky websites and provides strong shield against hacking attempts. Since hackers usually embed virus or spyware in JavaScript, Flash or Java ads, thus it allows execution of only such content which is offered by trusted websites. Despite its complex functions, it is very easy to operate. It appears as icon on browser window and can be accessed easily during internet surfing.


Many fake websites attempt to steal your personal information or inject harmful malware in your PC. NoScript helps you deal with such issues in effective way. Its major aim is to ensure security of users. For this purpose, it naturally blocks content that can prove to be harmful. However, you can add particular websites to whitelist if you do not want them to get banned. Either you can allow webpages for always or enable execution for current browser session. Another option is known as Global Permission, but it is not recommended. The reason is that it allows all webpages to run due to which the add-on becomes useless.


The utility contains multiple customizable options that open up in a separate tabbed window. Whitelist allows you to add websites that are safe to browse and do not contain harmful content. General tab deals with permissions and lets you enable automatic reloading of affected pages after changing settings. Under Embedding options, you can choose scripts, plugins and tags that should be blocked on internet. You can adjust frequency of notifications about urgent information. Appearance of application can be made user friendly by allowing visibility of required tools and objects.


NoScript lets you mark components as trusted or untrusted for easy classification. The supported components include scripts, ping, bookmarks, XLST, JavaScript links, local links and 3rd party scripts. You can also enforce usage of HTTPS protocol for websites that are more vulnerable and can enable secure cookies management to avoid tracking. Anti-XSS protection is another method of staying safe from harmful script requests, while ABE module contains rules that define the behavior of web applications.


It is an innovative Firefox extension which is essential for keeping PC safe from malicious threats. It is capable of handling different types of scripts that can fetch personal information without permission. It provides the facility of maintaining lists of both trusted and untrusted webpages. The decisions of permissions are taken on the basis of these lists as well as other pre-defined rules. Its settings can be modified to specify working of tool.