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Notepad++ is a complex text and source code editing tool. It facilitates you to easily compile and write code and create its backup. Due to its intuitive user interface, you can learn how to benefit from its functions in no time.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

Notepad++, a free source and text code editor, is a powerful piece of software. It supports more than fifty languages and runs on Microsoft Windows. This software also supports a nearly infinite amount of plugins. There are plugins for virtually anything the user needs to do. It is also important to know that this program’s use is governed by its GPL License.

One 0f the most notable things about this software is its plethora of features. There are so many different things one can do with this program. Notepad++ has an autosave feature, for example, which protects the user’s data in case of a computer crash. This is very useful because the user does not need to constantly be concerned with saving their work. The program also allows for find and replace, which allows the user to save a huge amount of time if they need to change specific words.

Another great feature of Notepad++ is that it supports syntax highlighting. This is a huge benefit especially when working on large projects. It makes the space much easier to comprehend and visualize. Users can also customize the syntax highlights. They can change the color to whichever suits them best. This is something unique to Notepad++. Users can work with this program using split screen. This allows them to be working on two different projects simultaneously. This could be helpful when working on two projects that relate to each other, but require different workspaces.

One other stand-out feature of this program is that it allows code folding. This allows the user to have an organized and efficient workspace. This is also an uncommon feature in text editors so it is definitely a huge draw to this particular software.

Notepad++ allows the user to have a fully customized workspace. For example, the user can change whether tabs align horizontally or vertically. The customization of the program is a very useful tool to have, as it allows the user to create an interface which caters to their specific needs and preferences. Notepad++ also offers different themes. These change the background color of the program. The user can even change the theme per language, and have a different theme for each.

Notepad++ also supports macros. Macros are essentially recordings of complex software. The user, when using the macros, does not need to manually input complicated lines of code. This feature makes the process of writing code much quicker and less tedious.

This coding software was based on the renowned Scintilla. It was written in C++. It also uses Win32 API and STl which gives the user a very enjoyable experience. The program has a high execution speed and small program size, which is very useful.

One goal of Notepad++ is to help reduce the damage done to the environment. By becoming more efficient, Notepad++ was able to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This goal was met by reducing the CPU power which allows the PC to reduce its power consumption. Being environmentally conscious is a very important thing, and Notepad++ certainly does its part.