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O&O Defrag puts is a replacement for the standard Windows defragmenter, that offers a much advanced set of features. It puts fragmented files together and maximizes your system speed.

Software details

23.0 Build 3578 Professional
Windows 10

Software description

Slow disk performance is something that none of us can escape from. No matter how well built your PC may be, your operating system is designed in a way that it automatically fragments the files on your storage. This fragmentation leaves to a scattering effect which can severely undermine the speed at which the HDD or even SSD reads and writes data. This problem can really hurt you in the most annoying ways so having a solid solution at hand is certainly something to look forward to. Thanks to O&O Defrag that solution is very much a reality. With advanced defragmentation features and an array of other cool features, O&O Defrag provides the most comprehensive disk optimization solution!

Auto Defragmentation

The biggest feature of this software is obviously the defragmentation tool. This tool covers a lot of bases that other defragmentation tools fail to cover and the best part is that you can execute the whole process in just three button clicks. The result of that small action is a disk that is completely defragmented without facing any damage. But the true cherry on the cake is the ability of the software to continuously scan your PC for fragmentations and reversing them on the go. You can also set a schedule for the app so that you can leave the PC alone when the app does its magic!

SOLID Process

O&O Defrag has a lot of specialized features and a key feature among these is its SOLID defragmentation. This particular process targets SSDs due and proceeds in a way that ensures longevity of life for the SSD. Whether you choose to opt for SOLID Quick or SOLID Complete, the results will be astounding in both cases and you will be able to see a much improved level of performance in your SSD which ensures a longer and healthier drive life.


As part of the tools provided with O&O Defrag you also get the DiskCleaner utility which is one of the most efficient options available in the market for cleaning your disks. This utility has the ability to scan things that are way beyond the scope of any typical cleaner as it takes a true deep dive into your drive and finds everything that could possibly be deleted to reduce the burden on the drive. Types of files detected include thumbnails, temp files, copies of files, emails drafts and other types of wasteful data as well. The result of this is a PC that is cleaner than it has ever been before!

Other features

In addition to the key features discussed above, O&O Defrag has a range of other cool tricks to offer as well:

See defragmentation success reports.
Deep level scanning with access to locked files and system hidden files as well.
Intuitive design to ensure ease of use.
Much faster defragmentation process as compared to other apps.
Automatic removal of useless data for more space and better performance.
ClusterView for logical mapping of SSD structure, ensuring better defragmentation.

The list goes on but you know you are already convinced so why not go ahead and try it out right now!