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O&O DiskImage brings to you the most comprehensive system that caters to all your data backup needs. Whether you simply want a backup of your data, or you want to create copies of your files for later use, or perhaps you want to save everything in your system before you clean it, O&O DiskImage takes care of everything.

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Software description

O&O DiskImage: Your ultimate backup solution

Making backups can be both daunting and tedious and it is certainly a task that no one wants to get their hands on. However, today’s world has made it an absolute requirement for practically anyone who is connected to the digital space in any way. The need to save our data from the many things that can harm is a natural obligation for most people and having a tool that does this job effectively is very important. O&O DiskImage is the kind of tool that not only does all that but also so much more! And the great thing about this software is that it is not limited to data files either. You want to create a complete system backup? You know exactly what to use for that now! O&O DiskImage comes with an array of very advanced backup features and here’s all you need to know!

Complete System Backup

O&O DiskImage makes backing up of your complete system as easy as it is to read this article! All you need to do after you install the software is push a single button. That single press of a button will set into motion a series of actions that will not only make the complete data of your drives but also your system’s settings and information about the hard disk. The level of backup is so comprehensive that you do not have to worry even if the worst scenario occurs i.e. a system failure! The backup also includes program setups and the Windows OS itself!

Easy Restore

While O&O DiskImage makes it incredibly easy to backup all your data, restoring that data is even easier. With the program installed, all you need to do is select the restore option and select the backup you want to restore. One click and the software does the rest. Everything goes back to its place automatically and you will not even feel like your system had any changes in it.

Boot Medium Creation

Your system no longer needs to be far from your reach, no matter how bad your situation ends up getting. With the ability to create boot mediums from within the app on disk drives or flash drives, you can create a complete system boot medium that you can use to bring your machine back to its desired working condition with all the data from all the files moved back to their exact locations.

Universal Restoration

The best thing about O&O DiskImage is that it allows you to create system independent backups which you can restore to any machine you want. The whole windows can be transferred to new hardware as an exact copy and any differences in hardware will automatically be adjusted by windows after restoration!

Key Features

Apart from the highlights shared above, here are some of the key features that make O&O DiskImage an incredibly power backup and imaging tool:
– Complete system backup
– Backup for individual files
– Continuous backups that only need to add changes
– System independent restoration
– Boot system creation from within the application
– Auto backup and sync option
– Advanced feature access via command line controls