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OoVoo is a video chat and a messaging app available for iPhone/iPod/iPad and Androids. Surprisingly, you can also use Oovoo for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and Facebook.

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Developed by Krush Technologies, LLC and first released in the year 2007, Oovoo continued getting more and more upgrades every year making it one of the most convenient chatting applications. Oovoo gave users the privilege to communicate with free messaging, voice messages and video chatting. Unlike other video chatting applications that enable you to video chat with only a maximum of one person, Oovoo allows you to do a group video chat. That is, you can video chat with up to 12 other people. A feature mostly loved by kids.

Unlike other messaging applications like “Kik” Oovoo limits users with features such as sharing and sending YouTube videos and playing games. However, Oovoo has in-built privacy settings that give you are privilege to manipulate your way of communication. Unlike snapchat where user messages disappear, Oovoo messages are intact unless deleted deliberately by the user. Additionally, Oovoo location settings don’t disclose your current location or whereabouts.

Since Oovoo is an online messaging application, it is wise to take precaution so as not to disclose all your private information to the outside world. For users who want to use Oovoo safely make use of the following guidelines. Don’t include your last name when writing your username. Use a profile picture that doesn’t reveal your identity or your location. On your profile video or “Oovie” don’t put a video that will likely divulge your information to the outside world. Lastly, make use of privacy settings like enabling who can find you on Oovoo. You can either choose anyone, nobody, people who have your email address or users who you have shared with your Oovoo ID.

Since Oovoo is a free-to-download application, developers have to find other ways to get funds. One of the most common is the use of ads. These ads pop up when you are using application. To stop these annoying advertisements, you can pay the $4.99 annual subscription fee. Oovoo users must be 13 years of age as per the FTC ruling which is known as Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). However, in the year 2017 on November, Oovoo announced via Twitter that they would be shutting down all their activities due to lack of profits.